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7 of the best children’s books

7 of the best children’s books

children's books

7 of the best children’s books from Flying Eye Books

by Helen Baron

Choose books not blogs! We round up some of the best and most beautiful children’s books around


children's books
Wild Animals of the North

Dieter Braun

An amazing illustrated encyclopedia of the wildlife of the northern hemisphere, from America in the West to the easternmost reaches of Asia. Here you’ll find polar bears, roe deer, lobsters and butterflies depicted in a fierce, subtly geometric style with oodles of atmosphere and character – plus all the knowledge you need to ignite a naturalist fire in your little ones.

children's books

Eda Akaltun

Marcel is a French bulldog who lives in New York City with his adoring (and adored) human. Marcel loves his cosmopolitan life with all its familiar routines – so he’s perturbed when a new human enters the picture (quite literally). A whip-smart and humorously modern tale about building new relationships – with a charming new protagonist who’s sure to become a bookshelf favourite.

children's books
My Dad Used to Be So Cool

Keith Negley

Follow the narrator as he outlines the evidence that his dad – who is generally so normal and unhip – used to be cool. Inspired by the curiosity many modern kids must feel about their parents’ colourful former lives (the tattoos! drums in the cupboard under the stairs!), Keith Negley’s vibrant, angular illustrations deftly reimagine everyday parental pursuits as the frolics of a rock star.

children's books
Smart About Sharks

Owen Davey

Shark facts: possibly the two most gripping words in existence. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to know everything they possibly can about the oceans’ most terrifying and fascinating family of fish? Which means everyone will enjoy this artfully written book and its treasure trove of naturalistic yet playful illustrations.

children's books
Do You Hear What I Hear?

Helen Borten

Designed to alert kids to the richness and texture of the sounds that surround them in everyday life, this book is not just educationally inspired; it’s cleverly designed to render those same aural experiences in visual form. It’s also written with a knack for crisp, clear description that’s sure to help many a little one develop their writerly talents.

children's books
The Wolves of Carrumpaw

William Grill

A real beauty, this: the story of a wolf pack roaming the eponymous valley in New Mexico way back in 1892. When a British naturalist with a specialist knowledge of wolves is hired by cattle-ranchers to trap the head of the pack, a compelling story unfolds – a story with much to say about our stewardship of the natural world. Created entirely in colour pencil, the illustrations are nothing short of stunning.

children's books
Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

Keith Negley

Another outing for Keith Negley’s signature brand of sharp-edged illustrations and clever, pop-culture-referencing meditations on modern life. This time around, it’s tough guys of all stripes who get the treatment, as Negley shows us ninjas, bikers, superheroes and more shedding tears and showing their feelings. Light-hearted and warm-hearted, just the way we like it.

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