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The baby travelling essentials you need for any ty...

The baby travelling essentials you need for any type of trip

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Travelling with a baby doesn't need to be stressful, especially if you follow our guide and take these essentials with you

From the pushchair and the carry cot, to the car seat and the nappy bag, travelling with a little one can sometimes seem like a juggling act. And that’s before you’ve even thought about what actually goes in the nappy bag. Whether you’ve got a long-haul holiday booked or are planning a day trip away from the city, we’ve listed the baby travelling essentials you need to make your journey stress free.


Parents will agonise for months over finding “the one” when it comes to the pushchair. And it’s no wonder; you want one that is sturdy, works well on multiple terrains and is a doddle to get up and down when you’re dashing round the shops. When it comes to travelling, you also need something compact that will fold easily into the overhead locker of a plane and the luggage rack of a train. Nuna’s PEPP next is a nimble vehicle that boasts one of the smoothest folding transitions you’ll find on the market today. It’s the ultimate space saver yet opens up with a complete, all-weather canopy system and fully-loaded spring suspension technology. It just goes to show that the best things come in small packages.


A well-rested child makes for happy travelling and with the SENA aire a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. This design-led cot opens up in seconds and provides 360° of ventilation. A triple-layered mesh mattress and organic cotton sheet will keep the little one comfy and cosy while they’re away from their familiar surroundings.



A wearable wrap or carrier is a way of holding your baby close and safe while having your hands free to multi-task. With breathable mesh fabric and padded straps, this CUDL Carrier is comfortable and customisable for both you and baby. An integrated booster for newborns keeps them facing in, snuggled up and secure in the early days, but easily unzips as your child grows. Have them face out when they’re ready to explore the world or switch to backpack mode for growing toddlers. The Nuna CUDL arrives in the UK in March, ready for your Easter getaway.



A car seat is one of the most important first purchases you’ll make as a mum-to-be. But with so many on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. With your eyes on the road, you want to be sure that it’s doing its job properly. Nuna’s REBL Plus cleverly rotates, allowing your baby to ride rearward-facing until they are tall enough to face forward. It’s the perfect purchase to see you from that first day through to 4 years. This swivel motion also makes getting them in and out a breeze which you’ll appreciate hugely when you’re juggling car keys, Keep Cup and a nappy bag.



Get a proper bag with endless sections and be fastidious about it. Leaving the house without the full parenting arsenal is just not an option. The current trend calls for a rucksack as it will leave your hands free and will also appeal to men. Find one with comfortable straps and multiple pockets that you can allocate to certain items. Keep one section stocked with nappies at all times, and always take more than you think you’ll need. Other essentials to remember are wipes, plastic bags, nappy cream and some form of entertainment. A toy, a book or a dummy will be your best friend when baby starts to get grumbly.


Other items to pack…


The most important thing about being on the move with a baby is pre-planning. Organisation really is key. When breastfeeding, a large muslin can be used for privacy if you wish, and will also keep baby clean. It’s wise to avoid the palaver of expressing milk on a journey but if you are very organised you can take frozen expressed milk and a sterilised bottle. Otherwise take a couple of portions of formula to mix up yourself, or choose from the number of ready-made varieties on the market. A bottle warmer is great for getting milk baby-ready, though many cafes and restaurants will do this for you. When it comes to a weaning baby, again organisation is everything. A pouch or two of food is perfect, and small rice cakes can be a saviour for a hungry baby. A bib or three, plastic spoons and a non-spill cup are essential.


Most restaurants and hotels will have this covered, but you should pack the basics just in case.


Even a mildly sunny day in the UK requires a high factor SPF for young skin. If you can, get a factor 50 that is specifically tailored to children’s skin.


You can never have enough change of clothes. Leaky nappies, food mess and drink spills can all require a complete change. Don’t forget sleepwear and swimsuits, as well as weather-necessary accessories such as sun hat, mittens and booties.

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