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Meet Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and mum Anya L...

Meet Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and mum Anya Lahiri

Barry's Bootcamp

Mama meets new mum and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, Anya Lahiri, to discover how she’s getting fit after pregnancy

Interview Elizabeth Hutton

How did you get into Barry’s Bootcamp?

I started as a client 10 years ago and completely fell in love with the workout. I started working in the LA locations and then helped launch the first location in London three and a half years ago.

What makes Barry’s “the best workout in the world”?

The combination of HIIT and resistance with weights and body weight guarantee results but above and beyond it is great fun!

How old is your baby?

My little boy is 16 weeks old.

What exercise did you do while pregnant?

I continued doing Barry’s classes and did lots of walking with my dog, Crusoe.

What exercises are best post-pregnancy?

It’s always best to get the all clear from your GP before getting back into exercise post pregnancy. Low impact exercise such as walking and swimming are great to ease you in and protect your joints which are still affected by pregnancy hormones especially if you are breast feeding.

Every woman is different though so while some feel ready to jump straight back into exercise others may need more recovery time.

What do you do to relax and unwind?

My Barry’s classes are my ‘me’ time at the moment. Running is my form of meditation.

I also love long walks on the Heath with my baby in the sling and my border collie.

Do you have any nutritional advice for new mums?

Immediately post birth is not a time to start dieting. You should eat a high protein diet with lots of good carbs such as sweet potato and whole grains to give you energy and help milk supply if breastfeeding. Eating frequently is also important to keep your metabolism up.

Also make sure you stay hydrated, carrying a bottle of water with you helps. You can also make it more interesting by adding lemon or cucumber.

What are your top 3 tips for mums trying to get fit and healthy?
  1. Start slowly and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’ve just grown a human and your body has been through a lot.
  2. Finding a fitness class or community, like Barry’s, is a great way to find support and keep you in check with your exercise program. The combination of cardio and resistance is a great way of losing baby weight and strengthening your weakened core muscles.
  3. Small steps will eventually get you to your goals and to feeling fit and fabulous again!


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