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Best and brightest books for June

Best and brightest books for June


Training the perfect parents, adventures on the moon and convertible cars are in our favourite books this June

Lunar Adventure


Luna and the Moon Rabbit

By Camille Whitcher

It’s clear why this book won the Stratford-Salariya Picture Book Prize. Inspired by Asian folklore, a little girl befriends a magical rabbit that lives on the moon, and travels with him to magical woods and fields on enchanting bedtime adventures. £11.99


Parent Prep


How to Train the Perfect Parents

By Rebecca Ashdown

There are plenty of handbooks on how to raise a child, but now the tables have turned. Follow Mimi’s journey as she trains her parents just how she likes them – with very successful results. Let’s hope she’s equally as successful with her puppy. £11.99 (hardback)


Downcast Days


Bob’s Blue Period

By Marion Deuchars

Following on from Deuchars’ first book, Bob the Artist, Bob the bird is back – but something is wrong. After his best friend leaves, everything that he paints is blue. With help from his friends, he learns to paint in colour again. £10.99

Laurence King

Convertible Car


Convertible Police Car

By Belinda Gallagher

Books just keep getting better, and this one trumps them all. It gives a whole new meaning to the word convertible as it flattens into a playmat once you’ve finished reading the simple story and then transforms into a car. £15

Miles Kelly

Animal Occupations

What Do Animals Do All Day

What Do Animals Do All Day?

By Wendy Hunt & Studio Muti

This is an encyclopaedic exposé of the workings of everyday animal life. Applying human jobs to each animal, read on as the cleaner wrasse becomes the dentist, the hyena transforms into the comedian, and the giraffe turns into the lookout. £14.99

Quarto Knows

Orange goose & fruitcase

Rhyme Flies

Rhyme Flies

By Antonia Pesenti

This nonsense book combines the most unlikely of ingredients to make something fantastical. Introduce babies to the world of rhymes while they discover what it might be like to drink Fresh Orange Goose or carry a Fruitcase. £12.95


Marine Theme


Boats Are Busy

By Sara Gillingham

For nautical enthusiasts, Boats Are Busy is the must-have board book. Award-winning art director and designer, Sara Gillingham, features 15 simply designed boats, accompanied by their name and a short description for little boat-lovers. £7.95



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