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The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas

sustainable Nursery ideas


Absolutely Mama caught up with the founder of Oskoe, Georgie Ludlow, to find out how to create a sustainable nursery .

As awareness and interest grows for sustainability, it’s getting easier to make the right choices for your little ones and the world they will grow up in. When it comes to designing their nursery, thinking carefully about the materials and products you choose, as well as how your little one will interact with the space, will all help to have a positive impact on the environment. Here are a few little tips.

Georgie Ludlow, founder of Oskoe, on how to create a sustainable nursery


The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas


Think about starting with a neutral canvas that can then be changed and added to as your little one grows. So plain walls and floors can be updated with rugs, soft furnishings and even wall stickers.

Ensure any paint used is non toxic and low-VOC. This will be better for the environment and the air your baby is breathing.


As your baby will spend the majority of their time sleeping (fingers crossed!) the mattress and bedding should be chosen carefully. Make sure you go for cotton, natural fibres and free from any chemical treatments so it’s kind to your little one. Breathability and comfort are important to keep in mind too. Choose GOTs or OEKO-TEX certified fabrics where possible to protect little bodies from harmful chemicals often used in dyes and textile processing.

At Oskoe, our range of certified textiles includes soft bedding, sheets, quilts, muslins, swaddles, cushions and play mats. All available in a variety of calming colours and patterns to work within your space.


The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas


With so many choices now you don’t need to buy plastic. Our natural and sustainably sourced toy range spans role-play, building and sorting, big toys like our kitchens and shops, and little toys like teethers, which provide safe natural relief for your baby. Paints are chemical free (where used) and many are dyed with natural pigments and finished with natural oils. Our rattan and sea grass toys like the little pram and baskets are another long lasting and ethical choice.


Using pre-owned items is an earth-friendly option but if you do decide to buy new, choose a sustainable solution like natural wood or rattan, made to last.


LEDs use less energy and last longer leaving a much smaller eco footprint. Our Joseph Bunny night-light gives off the perfect dim glow for middle of the night feeds in the early days and will grow with your child becoming their reading light as they get older.


The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas


Choose items that can grow with your little one or have multiple uses.

Canopies for example add a lovely finishing touch and can be used from a cot to a single bed and also moved about the room to create a cosy corner anywhere.

Our changing baskets are a beautiful fresh take on traditional changing mats and work as storage (perfect for sliding under the bed) when nappy changing days are over. Likewise, our quilts and blankets are perfect for little bottoms and tummies on the floor for the first year and then on the bed for many years after.

Buying fewer (always good for the environment) but better quality toys mean they can be enjoyed by siblings and even passed down through generations full of memories and good times.

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The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas

Child-safe bunny LED night light; £80

The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas

GOTS certified cotton play quilt; £54 

The Best Sustainable Nursery Ideas

Rattan cradle with mattress; £210 

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