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Free Webinar with Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Stok...

Free Webinar with Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Stokke

Free Webinar

How to wean your baby with Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Stokke

Some babies take to food with enthusiasm. They master the art of using a spoon immediately, they relish new tastes and textures and they radiate joy at mealtimes. But what if your baby isn’t one of those babies? What if your baby won’t accept a spoon, wails at the sight of solids and hurls their porridge at the wall? Weaning can be a surprisingly large source of stress and navigating these tricky months may not come as naturally as you might expect.

But where to seek help? Charlotte Stirling-Reed has lots of invaluable advice to offer. As one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, her areas of expertise include maternal, infant and child nutrition, and she knows all there is to know about weaning your baby. She’s also friendly and approachable, as anyone who listened to Joe Wicks’ successful weaning podcast last year will know (Charlotte co-hosted it). Her first book How to Wean Your Baby comes out in April and she’s about to host a series of webinars designed to help parents solve all the problems connected with feeding their children. With two children of her own, she’s experienced everything first hand – as testament to her skills, Raffy, her three year-old, loves broccoli.

Charlotte sees day-to-day the multiple questions that come up when it’s time to start introducing solids to baby. Her upcoming webinar, hosted by Stokke, will cover the basics when it comes to introducing your little one to solid foods. Parents often get really anxious about the what and the how of feeding a baby, and this workshop will leave you well equipped to begin your little one on their journey to becoming a little foodie themselves.

Free Webinar

Charlotte’s approach is gentle and non-judgemental. She’s all about staying calm and not giving up, offering reassurance as well as tips and strategies for anyone struggling to get their child to eat well. And she’s realistic too – all of her ideas are achievable and easy to implement. Often, bad habits are learnt in babyhood and can be hard to shake off, but one point that she always returns to is the importance of family meals, and eating together. Babies learn by observing and the simple act of all sitting at the table together can set children up for a lifetime of healthy attitudes to food. She’s a big fan of the iconic Tripp Trapp chair, which enables babies to sit up at the table sociably and join in from just a few months old. She also believes in encouraging children to join in with cooking as soon as they’re able, creating a fun atmosphere in the kitchen and an environment of positive feelings about food. She’ll be sharing all her wisdom in online workshops ahead of her book launch, so register your interest now.

Stokke is hosting a free weaning webinar – How to Wean Your Baby Mini Masterclass: A step by step guide to weaning with Charlotte Stirling-Reed, Nutritionist and Author, on Zoom, 28th April at 8pm. Register for FREE here.

Expert nutritional advice from Charlotte Stirling-Reed, author of new book “How to wean your baby”, that publishes on 29th April but available for pre-order here, and is for new parents on how to raise confident foodies and help your baby love their broccoli as much as their cake! @sr_nutrition