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Gender neutral child's bedroom

Joanna Landais, Interior Designer at Eklektik Studio, on the top nursery trends for 2019

While not everyone is enthralled by the idea of nursery design, it pays to consider the decor of your child’s space – not least because you don’t want to end up forking out for redecoration as their needs and tastes evolve over the early years.

The key is to focus on flexible, progressive and multi-functional design. Going overboard with the unicorn or Winnie the Pooh theme is easy to do, so play it cool and stay calm. If you follow a few simple rules, you can easily create a stylish, practical nursery that will grow with your child.

Above all, remember that designing a child’s bedroom or nursery should be enjoyable! Make sure your design reflects your style and the décor of rest of your house. Choose pieces you love and you (and your baby) will never tire of them.

Be practical and consistent and don’t feel you have to plan the whole scheme in one evening. Designing space takes time and sometimes you have to mull things over before answers make themselves apparent. With that in mind, let’s look at three trends guaranteed to be shaping stylish nurseries in 2019…

Joannalandaisinteriors Darkside


Move over lavender! This year is all about deep and nurturing cool-based colours such as mauve-greys and hunter greens. Their soothing, earthy qualities are a perfect choice for modern parents.

Tonality is the key in this trend. Choose one neutral shade such as grey and layer different tones of the same colour for added depth and harmony. Look to the left and right of the colour chart and choose similar but slightly different shades of grey. You can incorporate them in the form of accessories, furniture or textiles.

If you are worried about making the room look gloomy, punctuate the space with bright pops of colour such as life-affirming living coral – a vibrant peachy orange and the Pantone ‘colour of 2019’.

Use colours that complement the scheme rather than overpower it. A good point of reference will be the colour wheel, showing you which colours work well together.

boho chic


Some argue that the boho trend is not a trend, as it has been around for centuries – but folksy prints, vintage-inspired rugs and tactile pom-poms have finally made it onto the nursery scene. And what an exciting scheme this is! Bright, colourful and never boring, it’s a true feast for the senses with textured accessories, bold patterns and a little bit of chaos thrown in for good measure.

If you’re drawn to colourful collections and unconventional art, this is where your creativity can take centre stage. There are no fancy rules to follow – think Dutch flea-market meets Moroccan souk. Pick a few individual pieces and don’t be afraid to put pattern on pattern! Boho is all about mixing vintage and minimalist.

There are no rules when it comes to colour, although oranges and warm, earthy tones are commonly used. And don’t forget to add greenery to complete the boho look.


More and more parents are choosing not to find out their baby’s gender until birth, which is part of the reason this trend has caught on – and by the looks of things, it’s here to stay. Bubblegum pinks and baby blues are long gone.

Say hello instead to soft greys, cotton whites and simple wooden furniture – which, by the way, never goes out of style. This trend emphasises subtle designs marrying form and function, plus light, modern elements with no fuss or frills.

To add visual interest, play around with texture and pattern, keeping things neutral and natural. Scandinavians have been doing this for decades and their interiors are a testimony to the belief that aesthetic appeal and functional practicality can go hand in hand. In addition, this trend is perfect for budget-conscious nursery makeovers.

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