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Shabs Kwofie on turning baby-carrying into a caree...

Shabs Kwofie on turning baby-carrying into a career

Shabs Kwofie on turning baby-carrying into a career

Facing the challenges of becoming a parent turned the Amawrap founder into a business success story

Shabs Kwofie was once a city highflier, working for Citibank in Canary Wharf. As demanding as that was, it did not prepare her for the changes that she was about to experience when she had her first child.

An emergency caesarean, inability to breastfeed and no support network took Shabs down a spiral which accumulated into postnatal depression. And to find her way out, Shabs did what she excelled at – research.

Research on postnatal depression and breastfeeding led her to make incredible discoveries around skin-to-skin contact. Resolving to venture out more, she faced another challenge – the fact that her East London flat had no lift to take her pushchair down to the street. Looking to her ancestry, where her family historically used slings to carry their babies, she fashioned her own baby wrap to get her out of her apartment. This was a turning point and she credits the sling with helping her overcome postnatal depression. Due to local demand Shabs started selling slings to fellow mums and Amawrap was born. Seven years on, the business is booming with parents worldwide now using her cotton carriers.

Shabs Kwofie on turning baby-carrying into a career
Shabs Kwofie on turning baby-carrying into a career

The babywearing guru has since been vocal about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, with the stylish slings also providing a hands-free alternative to prams.

Shabs said: “Using a baby sling provides skin-to-skin contact, encouraging the release of endorphins, including oxytocin. I’m convinced wearing the baby wrap helped me overcome my own baby blues.” The wraps, made from 100% cotton, come in 12 bold colours and the latest addition to the fabrics family are prints, Moroccan Star and Posy Rosy. Shabs said: “I decided to dedicate myself to Amawrap, gave up my day job and never looked back.

“Being a mum for the first time is daunting and you feel so vulnerable. At Amawrap our main aim is to help with advice about babywearing, to help mums feel like they are in control again. If we can help these mums feel even a little bit more empowered then we have done our job.”