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Tried and Tested: Cybex Eezy Twist +2 Review

Tried and Tested: Cybex Eezy Twist +2 Review

Cybex Eezy Twist +2 Review

Cybex Eezy Twist +2 review: Absolutely Mama road tests the versatile travel system…

Well known for their award-winning and extra-safe car seats, German brand CYBEX is also becoming a popular choice for city-friendly strollers. The Eezy Twist +2 is the latest addition to the range, an update on the brand’s 360° twist stroller.

Suitable from birth up in the lie-flat position and until 4 years (approx 22kg) in the forward facing position, it can be used as a 4-in-one travel system by replacing the cot with the brand’s bassinet – the COT S, the COCOON S or one of CYBEX’s car seats. We opted for the CLOUD Z i-Size, which slots onto the frame easily with the adapters.

We were excited to try this stroller as we live in London and use the tube a lot, so a bulky pram is not really an option for us. First impressions of the Eezy Twist +2 are good. The assembly was very easy as it was already fitted with the seat, canopy and basket, we just had to slot the wheels on. We opted for the all-black version (practical and unisex!) and it ticks the boxes on style. The design is very minimal and sleek and it feels well-made.

The function we were most excited to try was of course the 360° twist. Some of the Eezy Twist +2’s competitors are only forward facing and others you have to remove the seat to turn it around, so this function definitely gives it an edge. The swivel is super easy and can be manoeuvred with one hand. Our little one sometimes likes to face outwards, but other times likes to see mum and dad, so this has been really useful when we’re out and about.

Another function we were really impressed with was the wheels. Some of the Eezy Twist +2’s competitors have quite small wheels which aren’t as good for uneven pavements or curbs. The Eezy Twist +2 has two big wheels at the back and all-wheel suspension and we have found it really easy to steer. We haven’t taken it on holiday yet, but I imagine it will hold its own on cobbles or on country lanes!

The frame is light and compact and when folded down, we’ve found it easy to store under cafe tables, in the car boot and it doesn’t take up space in our hallway cupboard. The one hand fold function is also a big plus and is very easy once you’ve mastered how to collapse the seat.

The stroller seat can be easily configured into a lie-flat position with one hand when your little one falls asleep and our mini seems quite comfortable inside. The seat is quite soft and padded at the back, but a little harder on the bottom – but this is comparable to other travel strollers we’ve seen. The straps feel secure and the release is easy and doesn’t get stuck like some other strollers. The Eezy Twist +2 also comes with a XXL canopy with UPF50+ protection. In upright position, it doesn’t come down as far as some other travel strollers we’ve seen, but it still provides plenty of sun protection. When it’s in lie-flat position, the canopy covers about half of the seat (unzipped), but you could use a sun parasol on really hot days if needed.

Design updates to the Eezy Twist +2 include an all-new bumper bar (a feature you don’t always get on travel systems), and an integrated footrest which supports comfortable and ergonomic sitting and lying. It has a fairly spacious basket, and we also really love the little zipped pocket on the back of the seat, which is handy for your keys and phone when it’s in the forward facing position. It comes with a rain-cover, which fits onto the buggy easily. It doesn’t have boning, which makes it easier to fold, and it also has ventilation holes and a window so you don’t get as much condensation. The only minor gripe would be that it doesn’t cover the basket, so your shopping can sometimes get a bit wet!

As mentioned, we got the CLOUD Z i-Size car seat to fit with our Eezy Twist +2. We’ve found it more useful than a bassinet when we’re out and about in town because you can take it off easily and collapse the frame down on tube escalators or in cafes when there’s not a lot of space. The CLOUD Z i-Size has an ergonomic lie-flat position that’s really comfy for babies and we love that you can rock it easily when it’s on the floor. It has impressive crash test results and when used in the car with the isofix, it can rotate 360° making it really easy to get your little one in and out. It’s a good investment buy as well as it can be used in the car as your little one grows up to 4 years and has 11 headrest positions.

All in all, we’re really impressed with the Eezy Twist +2 and we’d really recommend it to other city-dwelling parents or families who travel a lot.

RRP £369.95


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