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Absolutely Mama is the UK’s leading lifestyle and parenting


Appealing to a generation of mothers forging their own parenting path, Absolutely Mama aims to support our readers with expert advice, helpful articles, lifestyle and fashion ideas plus honest parenting insight

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Mama About Us
Mama About Us

Aimed at stylish, modern mums, Mama offers a curated collection of stories, inspiration and insights pertinent to the motherhood experience – not only on must-have parenting buys and advice but also on the mum herself, helping her through pregnancy and parenthood with top fashion, beauty and fitness advice.

Our readers are AB1 mothers in affluent cities across the UK – they want to feel good and look good while also focusing on their number one priority…their children.

We are experts in ensuring our magazines go out to the most relevant readership and, therefore, your customers. Using a unique combination of industry events, residential distribution, paid for editions and gifted copies we ensure that our audience is targeted and interested in parenting and child content.