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Alora Baby

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Alora Baby

Nominated for: Most eco-friendly brand

Alora Baby

The Alora Bedside Crib is the world’s most sustainable bedside crib – and, in fact, the world’s most sustainable piece of baby furniture. 

Launched in 2024, the Alora Bedside Crib is a cot for 0-6 months, made of sustainable birch wood and organic cotton, with a coconut fibre and lambswool mattress – giving your newborn a natural and eco-friendly start in life. 

But this is also a truly sustainable bedside crib. When you’re finished with it, Alora can buy it back from you (if you want) – and fully recycle it into a completely new bedside crib. This approach means 93% of the material gets reused (rather than going to landfill) and 76% less c02 is released into the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change. 

“We wanted to create something that just makes you feel good every time you look at it”, says Angus Whiston, one of Alora’s founders. “That meant three things – firstly, it has to be great for your baby, with incredible build quality and organic materials. Secondly, it has to look beautiful beside your bed, in your living room or kitchen. But thirdly, and critically – it’s got to be amazing for the environment, saving a meaningful amount of waste. So the Alora Bedside Crib was born, and we’re so happy with it!” 

Over 17 million pieces of baby furniture get thrown away or abandoned within two years of purchase – but the Alora Bedside Crib, which is the world’s most sustainable bedside crib, can make a real difference to this shocking number. As a result, Alora has some well known-backers, including Innovate UK – the UK’s innovation hub – and Hogan Lovells – one of the UK’s leading law firms. 

You can learn more about the Alora Bedside Crib and Alora’s mission at: