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Kit & Kin

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Kit & Kin

Nominated for: Best nappy range

Kit & Kin Best Nappy Range

The most accredited eco nappy, Kit & Kin create nappies with soft, sustainable, plant-based materials that are kinder to you, and kinder to our planet. Produced in a carbon neutral factory in the EU, they’re also wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging.

“We create eco nappies from Size 1-6, and nappy pants from 4-8 meaning we can be your eco nappy companion from those early newborn days, from crawling, walking and potty training. Each size nappy is available in 2 gorgeous animal designs, inspired by the natural world and our promise to protect it.

We are the only nappy brand to offer parents the choice of eco disposable, and reusable nappies. Our reusable nappy material rescues 2 plastic bottles on their way to landfill.”

Each and every product in the range ‘gives back’, by helping to protect acres of precious rainforest for generations to come. Each nappy subscription personally protects 5 trees forever.

The brand’s convenient, flexible and customisable subscription brings eco nappies to your door with free delivery and cancellation for ultimate convenience.