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Mindset, Mimi & Me

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Mindset, Mimi & Me

Nominated for: Best for early years

Mindset, Mimi & Me

Mental Health stats for kids have worsened since lockdown(1) and children today face new pressures such as social media, and rapid changes in society. Most parents of young kids weren’t brought up with this knowledge and so lack confidence in how to teach it, yet know they want to do better.  

Mindset, Mimi & Me is on a mission to fill this gap, providing resources that parents can use alongside their children to equip them with tools, positive thinking and confidence to set them up for life. 

Using a combination of ancient wisdom;(child-friendly) self-development strategies, and science, Mindset, Mimi & Me creates fun digestible toolkits to empower both parent and child. The toolkits incorporate the characters Mimi the Mermaid Scientist and the Sea-Sure gang, and use story-telling, activities and poetry to bring the concepts to life. 

“I believe I should win the category of ‘best for early years’ as a parent’s investment in their child’s mental wellbeing is one of the greatest investments they can make, and the early years is the best time to start. But Mindset, Mimi and Me recognises parents feel ill-equipped and are strapped for time.”

That is why Mindset, Mimi & Me’s resources have been designed to make learning as fun and impactful in a short timeframe (5-10 minute bursts) as possible.  

The first offering from Mindset, Mimi and Me is “One Hour to Emotional Power: Mimi’s Mastermind on Managing Emotions” (ages 4-8). This bitesize course helps parents to feel calmer and more in control, whilst giving children the skills to understand and manage their emotions.  

The results demonstrate this unique approach is empowering families with this critical knowledge in a short-space of time and bringing families together in the process. 

(1) Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2023 – wave 4 follow up to the 2017 survey