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Absolutely Mama Awards 2024


Nominated for: Most eco-friendly brand

Pura Most Eco Friendly

Pura was founded in 2020 by Cheshire parents Guy and Abi Fennell after they discovered that 90% of wipes sold in the UK contained plastic, and that a crazy number of disposable nappies were ending up in landfill annually. Pura was born to give parents a sustainable alternative, with eco-friendly and affordable baby care that is also great for babies’ sensitive skin. 

Through its award-winning Angry Babies campaign, Pura educated parents about the problem of hidden plastic in wipes and lobbied the government to ban them. Tackling the plastic problem further, Pura also launched Flushable Moist Toilet Tissues for the whole family and plastic-free Pet Wipes. Now that the government has announced an eventual ban on selling plastic wipes, Pura continues to strive to develop the next generation of sustainably-sourced, eco-friendly wipes and has recently reduced the plastic in its wipes packaging by 15%. 

Pura’s nappies are also some of the most sustainable available. They are manufactured in a carbon neutral plant and, where possible, Pura has replaced non-sustainable materials with lower impact materials – so Pura nappies contain less plastics and more plants. Pura is one of the few UK nappy brands to have made the change from plastic film packaging to responsibly-sourced paper packaging, which is easier to recycle. Around 80% of all paper is recycled in the UK, compared to flexible plastic film, where the percentage is around 8%. 

Going even further to take on the problem of nappy waste, Pura partners with NappiCycle to recycle around 40 million nappies in Wales annually. The recycled nappy fibre is repurposed in innovative ways such as for use in more durable road paving. Pura and Asda have also joined forces to produce the UK’s first in-store signage using recycled nappies. 

Pura wants all UK parents to have access to free nappy recycling. But to make this happen, Pura needs to convince local and central government. Pura NappiCycle is currently running a trial in Bristol in a bid to promote the benefits of nappy recycling as the best solution for nappy waste throughout the entire UK. The trial will run for 12 months and the aim is to recycle around one million nappies. 

Putting people and the planet before profit, Pura Achieved B Corp status and became a Carbon Neutral business in 2021 and is a winner of both the Sky Zero Footprint fund award and the Marie Claire Sustainability award.