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Absolutely Mama Awards 2023

Kiki & Sebby

Mama Awards Best Cot, Crib, Or Moses Basket Kiki & Sebby

Best Cot, Crib, Or Moses Basket
Absolutely Mama Awards 2023

For parents who value sustainability and the impact you have on the environment, the SBROUT® 6-in-1 Sleep Habitat System is the perfect modular furniture piece that would grow with your child and adapt to their changing needs, all while being made from sustainable and eco-friendly wood, creating a positive impact on the environment.

As a newborn, your baby will sleep soundly in a soft and gentle curves baby crib. As your baby grows, SBROUT® can be transformed into a space-saving cot, which gives them more room to sleep, play and explore. When your child outgrows SBROUT®, it can transform into a mini table and chair, perfect for igniting your child’s imagination through crafting and creative activities.

It also functions as a dining table, allowing your child to eat independently while together with the parents. Alternatively, the SBROUT® can be transformed into a play cart, allowing your child to transport their favourite toys and treasures around the house for multi-location fort building, play and adventures.

When your child begins to learn and explore the world around them, the SBROUT® can be transformed into a shelving system, providing a place for their books, toys and tiny trinkets! As your child progresses into late childhood, the SBROUT® can be transformed into a standard-size chair, providing a cosy and inviting place to relax and unwind after a long day of learning and exploring.

The SBROUT® is more than a piece of furniture that grows and evolves with your child – but a magical and wondrous part of the child’s journey through life, providing safety, comfort, and love at every stage of their development.