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Absolutely Mama Awards 2023


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Best Nappy/Wipes Range
Absolutely Mama Awards 2023

Waterful was founded in February 2021 with the mission to create a product that was both kind to baby’s skin and to the environment.

One of our founders, Tom, having use his fair share of baby wipes after 6 children, began to wonder why so many manufacturers use plastic, chemicals, and artificial ingredients in their baby wipe products. He thought a pure, natural wipe would mean fewer rashes and gentler treatment of sensitive skin. He committed to make it 100% free of plastic, and 100% biodegradable so it breaks down in months, not decades.

Two experienced partners, John Walsh & David Henderson, joined the cause and Waterful was born: A baby wipe free of plastic and chemicals, and filled with purified water and natural plant-based fibers.

Waterful Plastic Free Baby Wipes are made with 99.9% water and just 2 other simple ingredients with the fabric derived from plant cellulose fibres. Our wipes are 100% plastic free, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.

The brand’s dermatologically tested wipes break down in a matter of weeks and are great for newborn and even the most sensitive of skin, containing no artificial chemicals, fragrances or other nasties. This makes Waterful the best choice for our planet, your baby’s skin and their future. Waterful baby wipes are approved by AllergyUK, accepted by The National Eczema Association and certified Leaping Bunny (No animal testing), The Vegan Society and Gluten Free.

Waterful takes into account both the health of the baby’s skin and of the planet. Unlike many other wipes Waterful contains only few ingredients compared to the industry standard of 20, our wipes are also dermatologically tested to be safe on newborn and sensitive skin, this combined with the added benefit of the wipes being 100% plastic free means mothers no longer have to make a choice between their baby’s skin and the planet.

Waterful Baby Wipes are also larger in size making clean up a breeze! The brand are committed to ensuring Waterful Baby Wipes continue to care for both baby and the planet.