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Annabel Karmel

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Annabel Karmel

Nominated for: Best mealtime range or product

Annabel Karmel Best Mealtime Range

Families have been enjoying Annabel Karmel’s delicious cookbook-inspired chilled meals for almost two decades! Annabel’s ingredient to success? Always packing every recipe with tasty goodness to put the ‘mmm’ into mealtimes. Ready in under 3 minutes, they are a teatime saviour!

Packed with veggies and 100% natural ingredients, each meal is made using the freshest produce. And packing-in up to two of a child’s 5-a-day, they are the perfect fridge filler for little tums.

Annabel is always busy cooking-up delicious new recipes for her expert range, and the latest delicious meal to come out of her kitchen is her Fabulous Fish Pie.

This new addition is stocked alongside Annabel’s firm favourites, including Mild Chicken Tikka with Rice, delicious Cottage Pie with Five Veggies, and Tasty Chicken & Potato Pie. There are seven meals in the range.

Annabel’s chilled meals are a firm favourite for busy midweeks when families want to give their children a goodness packed meal without the prep or clean-up.

Discover them in the chilled aisles and online at Tesco and Sainsbury’s (RRP £2.85).