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Little Freddie

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Little Freddie

Nominated for: Best mealtime range or product

Little Freddie

Little Freddie has launched the first ever organic, dairy free yog*rt with a source of calcium, crafted with the needs of babies with dairy intolerances at the forefront.  

“Here at Little Freddie, we think big about little appetites, crafting recipes that are big on taste and perfect for the little-est critics. While there are already dairy-free yoghurts in the baby food aisle, none of them offer the same level of calcium as dairy-based yoghurts, something we know is a concern for parents of babies with CMPA or weaning on a plant-based diet.”

These groundbreaking yog*rts are the first of their kind to be organic, fortified with calcium, dairy free, gluten free,soya free AND available in fully recyclable packaging. 

The brand’s coconut yog*rt is special because it is the only one of its kind that is organic and is fortified with calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. They use only the best Sri Lankan coconut milk to give it a creamier texture than the rest. 

Their dairy free yog*rts are not just a healthy choice but a delicious one that babies will love. Through a meticulous process of taste-testing and refinement, they have crafted a range of flavours that are both baby-approved and parent-appreciated. 

The dairy-free range is co-developed with the renowned nutritionist @rhitrition, and is available in Tesco, Sainsburys and Ocado in two spectacular flavours: Strawberry Coconut Yog*rt and Banana & Raspberry Coconut Yog*rt.  

“By choosing Little Freddie, parents are assured of providing their children with meals that are super nourishing without compromising on taste; whether they are CMPA, being weaned on a plant-based diet or simply just exploring new flavours.”

To recycle, simply place the cap back on the empty pouch and pop it into the recycling bin. It’s now easier than ever for parents to be environmentally conscious!