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Etta Loves

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Etta Loves

Nominated for: 'Can't live without' parenting product

Etta Loves

Etta Loves designs every pattern alongside their consultant Orthoptist to ensure that they provide the optimum visual experience for babies. The brand also co-design research projects for their PhD student at The Sussex Baby Lab at the University of Sussex to remain at the forefront of infant vision. They test every pattern and print on different aged babies, to ensure they engage with the patterns and they are ‘working’ as they design them to. This is done at the Baby Lab in Sussex. 

With their knowledge of what babies can see and how quickly their vision develops, Etta Loves designs patterns using a range of scales and elements that babies will be able to see and want to look at month by month. 

The brand’s products are not only practical for parenting, stylish and eco-conscious, but they do so much more than the average. From magical muslins, to sensory toys, blankets, playmats and more – Etta Loves makes many moments easier throughout your day.