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Glow Dreaming

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Glow Dreaming

Nominated for: 'Can't live without' parenting product

Glow Dreaming

The Glow Sleep Easy from Glow Dreaming is as an excellent investment for sleep-seeking parents due to its scientific approach to improving sleep quality for both babies and children. Combining 5 unique features which include:

– Red LED Light – to encourage the natural production of melatonin
– Pink noise – proven better for slow-wave sleep, key to development
– Humidifier – to keep snuffles and congestion at bay
– Aromatherapy – to enrich sleep and add relaxation
– Glow Sleep Genie App – for sleep scheduling and age-appropriate support

The Glow Sleep Easy creates an optimal sleep environment which is best used as part of a wind down routine. The device emits an organic soundscape safe for developing ears and red-light therapy, promoting relaxation and deep sleep. By using all features together, the device reduces wake ups, fostering longer and more restful sleep periods for babies and children, whilst also alleviating the stress and fatigue associated with sleepless nights for the whole family. With its real-time insights and customisable features, accessible through a user-friendly App, parents can control the device via Bluetooth from afar meaning blue light and Wi-Fi are not adding to the challenge. Therefore, Glow Sleep Easy is one of the best investments a parent can make!