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Absolutely Mama Awards 2024


Nominated for: Best toy


80% of the human brain is developed by age 3. While the science of early childhood is aligned on what makes for an optimal environment, it wasn’t reaching parents in an accessible way. Children’s learning needs evolve so quickly–it’s hard for parents to keep up with their child’s development and know how to help. 

Lovevery’s comprehensive early learning system, The Play Kits, supports families with stage-based play essentials for children and content for parents. 

Lovevery’s team of experts, academics, and specialists link brain science and Montessori to design best-in-class playthings for children, delivered by subscription every 2-3 months at just the right developmental stage. The Play Kits are curated with playthings, books, and a Play Guide with development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play from ages 0 to 4 years old. 

As a child moves through the program, each plaything encourages them to go deeper into a skill from language and motor development to social-emotional learning. The playthings in each Kit provide just the toys a child needs, at just the right time, and are built to last–made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics. 

In an age of overstimulation and constant input, toys that promote a quieter and more sustained play environment support a young child’s cognitive development. Each toy and resource in the program is designed in-house with the support of Lovevery’s advisory board, consisting of experts from a wide range of disciplines, including pediatrics, occupational therapy, neuroscience, and more. 

The Play Kits program is a complete resource for parent and child, not simply a source of toys. In addition to a curated selection of playthings, subscribers also receive access to supporting videos, blogs, and emails to support families through every developmental window, milestone, and transition.