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Absolutely Mama Awards 2023


Best Toy Voxblock

Best Toy
Absolutely Mama Awards 2023

Released in August last year, Voxblock is the screen-free audiobook player for children. The audiobooks themselves are physical blocks that snap into place on a simple-to-use player. With no need for Wi-Fi, apps or downloads, kids can listen without distraction.

Voxblock’s beautifully crafted audiobooks are designed to sit on bookshelves and with a growing library of stories there’s something for everyone. Voxblock was founded by parents Rebecca and Tom, who took inspiration from the simplicity of cassette tapes and developed a contemporary version.

Since launch, Voxblock has received amazing feedback from their customers and currently holds 4.9 stars on Trustpilot.

Here’s some of the reasons the brand’s customers love Voxblock:

“They feel digital but no screens or apps, so great!”, as it’s not connected to the internet there are no extra beeps, pings or interruptions meaning the only thing children can do with their player is listen to the stories.

“My three year old grandson found it really easy to operate and used it straight away”, recognised by The Independent as Best Kids Audio Player for 2022 in the Ease of Use category, Voxblock is designed for kids to use independently.

“I love that it’s robust and portable enough to take out”, designed to last, both the books and the player have shown that they can handle life with a child.

“A great range of stories, most of which are 3 hours plus so lots of value from each book”, there’s a growing library of over 150 stories spanning age groups 3-12.

“My 5 year old loves it and it has helped to create a really relaxed bedtime routine!”, with bedtime mode and no distracting glow, Voxblock makes the perfect addition to the bedtime routine.

“Affordable and very fast postage, even the book blocks are pocket-money affordable” with a Voxblock Starter Pack for £59.99, it’s great value.