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Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

The Rocket House

Nominated for: Best parenting app

The Rocket House App

The Rocket House is your go-to trusted parental app, offering a unique blend of services that cater to modern family needs. Founded by educational specialists, with a decade in the independent London education sector, The Rocket House has created an innovative one-stop platform that seamlessly combines education and childcare.

“Why should we win this category you ask? We recognise that childcare needs have shifted, with families often looking for more flexible and high quality solutions to work around their busy modern lifestyles. Even though we provide full-time nannies, often families find themselves just needing a holiday nanny, ad-hoc babysitting, or hands-on after-school care. Many parents don’t have the proverbial ‘village’ to look to for support, this is where The Rocket House app steps in as the perfect solution for both childcare and learning experiences beyond school.

We aim to provide London families with a comprehensive and tailored support system. Our specialist tutors on the app, adhere to the ethos and values we hold at our London schools and, offer a varied array of educational and creative lessons both in person and online. The Rocket House members also have access to an ecosystem of childcare, parenting, and educational resources, including innovative in-person Rocket Parenting Talks and webinars from experts. The app is designed to be user-friendly where bookings and messages are easily managed by the user. Unlike other childcare or tutoring apps, our exclusive monthly subscription is an affordable solution where we don’t charge any additional fees on bookings to families or candidates! This shows we are also keen to support fellow educators. There’s also a friendly in-person concierge team behind the app to help.”

In summary, The Rocket House is redefining what it means to be a family services platform in today’s world.