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10 Interior Design Tips for an Eco-Nursery

10 Interior Design Tips for an Eco-Nursery


The founder of Cam Cam Copenhagen on creating a sustainable nursery

Words by Sara Giese Camre

Lack of products made from organic materials was one of the main drivers behind setting up Cam Cam Copenhagen. In Denmark we had been eating organic produce for a while but there was nothing available when it came to organic products for the home when decorating the nursery.

Organic products are not only better for the environment but better for you and your baby. Think about all the surfaces and materials that your baby will come into regular contact with and you will think twice about the items you choose for your baby. At Cam Cam Copenhagen we are a GOTS certified company. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It means that we must fulfil a certain level of environmental criteria to receive this certification.

Here are my top tips on how to design an eco- friendly nursery.

1. Organic textiles

Give your child the best start by choosing decoration items and textiles that are made from organic cotton. All of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s products use GOTS certified 100% organic materials, free from toxins, safe for baby. I thought about how important it was when decorating my daughter’s nursery that the bedding, swaddles, muslins, sleeping bags, changing mat, baby nest, really everything that babies are in constant contact with – often for hours at a time – should be organic and free of chemicals and toxins. Look for the GOTS certification to give you peace of mind.

2. Avoid the throwaway culture

Use products and furniture that have longevity, are flexible and avoid the need for frequent replacing. Opt for products which have a long lifecycle or can be passed down to future generations. For the first few years, you will need a changing table. Especially for the first year you will be changing a lot of nappies and you need a proper work place for this, both to make it a cosy, fun time with your baby, but also to spare your back. The Cam Cam Copenhagen Harlequin changing table can be converted into a dresser/cabinet so you can hold onto it for longer after the baby years have passed. It works just as well as a cabinet in the living room or the hallway and who doesn’t need more storage?

3. The Cot

Go for an adjustable cot, which can be set to different heights – in the very beginning your baby can’t move around and it will be nice to have a high setting of the mattress, so you can easily pick up your child, when he or she is crying. Later on, maybe when 3-5 months old (depending on your child’s mobility) you should lower the mattress, so the child can’t fall out of the bed. Our Harlequin Baby Crib is a perfect match and is finished in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free paint. The bed also transforms from a cot to a toddler bed by removing the side panel meaning you don’t need to replace as soon as the baby grows out of it.

4. Breathable paint or wallpaper

Our furniture collection uses only VOC free paint. This means it is free from toxins and harmful chemicals. If you are painting the nursery, choose a VOC free paint which will help in not triggering any allergies. If decorating with wallpaper, opt for wallpaper which is eco-friendly. All of our wallpaper at Cam Cam Copenhagen is CE-certified and has an A+ certificate in “Emissions In Indoor Air”,  free from VOCs, free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

5. Toys made from natural wood & organic cotton

Babies love to explore so their hands and mouths will be on everything. Consider this when you purchase items for them to play with. All toys should be free from BPA and phthalates. All of our toys use sustainably sourced wood or organic cotton – our rattles are made from Maple wood, our playgym which converts into a playtent is crafted from birch plywood and uses GOTS certified organic materials for the tent cover. Even our dolls’ clothing and accessories are all made from organic cotton.

6. Stimulation

It is your job to stimulate your baby and develop their skills from the very beginning, which can be quite challenging, if you’re out of habit with playing. In the beginning a mobile and some music will be very entertaining and later on you need to learn all those songs with finger gestures and do baby yoga and somersaults and all that. A play mattress in organic materials will be nice for the somersaults, the range of mobiles and music mobiles will also be good entertainment.

7. Lighting

Use lighting to create a nice atmosphere in the nursery with more muted light sources. A night light is important for most children. When it comes to lighting the nursery, use energy efficient lighting like LED lights which are longer lasting. Our textile balloon lampshade creates a dreamy and cosy environment for the nursery and can be used with LED light bulbs.

8. Playtime

It’s important to have a little corner for playing when the baby is around two months old. This can be in the living room or in a nursery, whatever suits the family the best. In the beginning when they primarily lie on their back, a play gym is ideal for entertainment and stimulation. You can hang lots of different toys from a play gym and change around, when the baby starts to get bored. Later the range of toys will grow and it will be nice to be able to put it away in a storage, in baskets or displayed nicely on a shelf. Quilted playmats make an ideal addition to the nursery for playtime and tummy time. Opt for playmats made from organic materials where the baby will be in constant contact.

9. Bathtime

A soft organic hooded towel is perfect for bathtime. Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby towels are made from the finest, soft GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. The towels are wonderfully thick and weaved in a characteristic wave pattern which dries faster due to its airy design.

10 Bamboo tableware

Opt for plastic free tableware like bamboo utensils when the time comes to weaning your baby. Bamboo has the added benefits of being extremely strong and durable, heat resistant as well as stain and odour resistant. Team with an organic bib for an all round eco experience.