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5 Easy Nursery Updates for Spring

easy nursery updates

Five easy nursery updates to freshen up their spaces from children’s interiors designer, Ursula Wesselingh

When spring is in the air, I get the urge to bring the outside in and update everything in the house. What better time to take a fresh look at your little one’s nursery and see how you can bring in some of that new energy? I don’t necessarily mean spring theming your baby’s room – you’d be changing the room every season. There are however some easy ways to breathe new air into an existing scheme which will satisfy that urge to start afresh. Here are some easy nursery updates:

Room To Bloom

1. Have a clear out

Clear out the old to make room for the new. It may not be what you’d like to hear, but it’s the surest way to get your baby’s nursery spring ready. A thorough declutter and spring clean can make the room look like new. It will feel calmer and more spacious, so it will be easier to see how you could change things up.

My favourite method to clear out clutter is to take everything out of its storage place, one category at a time (eg clothing, bedding, baby care, toys, trinkets, etc.), and only keep what is still loved or useful – the rest can go. You can do this one category at a time if you don’t have enough time to tackle the entire room in one go.

Nursery Updates

2. Sort your storage

After a clear-out, you’ll be better able to assess what storage is needed to organise your child’s toys and other possessions. If you need extra baskets or boxes, go for similar looking ones to keep the look consistent, and label them clearly. Apart from hiding the things that let the decor down, well organised storage makes it easier to keep a room tidy and looking good.

Spring Nursery Updates

3. Update the walls

Now that the room is all tidy and organised it’s time to look at the decor. I am a huge fan of wallpaper to make a room feel special. A feature wall will do just that, and it’s easier than ever with removable wallpaper. There are many online suppliers who offer this product, which makes it a breeze to update a room and change it whenever you please. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be installed without professional help.

Alternatively you can use wall stickers to update the walls quickly and easily. Think clusters of stars, dots or triangles, or a trail of large scale florals in a corner of the room.


4. New bedding

Your baby’s cot is often the focal point of the nursery, and with some new bedding you can give the room an instant lift. I love sheets with a cute pattern, or plains in dusty colours. When not in use, a pretty new cushion or doll will dress the cot, whilst a new blanket softens the lines. If you have a chair in your nursery, adding a cushion will give it a whole new look.

nursery update ideas

5. Change up the art

A final super quick and inexpensive way of breathing some fresh air into your nursery, is to hang a few new prints on the walls. Look for a theme or style that you like and make sure some of the room’s main colours feature in the print to pull it all together.

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