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A Brand We Love: Stories in Structures

A Brand We Love: Stories in Structures

stories in structures

All kids love to build, but why stick with the generic when you can play with the intricately detailed Stories in Structures blocks?

Littles love building things, but let’s face it: some modern kids are easily bored by generic blocks (however lovely those blocks may appear to adult eyes). We’re therefore glad that we stumbled upon Stories in Structures, a brand focused on producing creative toys with a little more depth and detail – not to mention a handy dual-purpose nature.
Stories in Structures’ signature products are 3D puzzles in the form of little wooden buildings. Interlocking pieces cut and crafted from the finest birch veneer (and made more resilient with a coating of natural walnut oil or non-toxic paint) can be combined and recombined in any number of configurations, with the window cut-outs and carefully considered forms integral to each piece, ensuring that they never lose their architectural air. They’re equal part open-ended jigsaw and directional building block, and work brilliantly as a game in themselves or as the backdrop to wider play.
Also in the range are wooden puzzles with pieces that double as toy cars, sculptural layered dioramas of ballet dancers and famous cityscapes, and some truly striking limited-edition artworks cut into real wood – the latter intended for the walls of your home rather than your little ones’ toy chest. A real find.

Stories in Structures is available at BoNordic.