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Oz and Bell

Absolutely Mama Awards 2024

Oz and Bell

Nominated for: Best children's fashion brand

Oz And Bell

Oz and Bell is small business selling unique and recognisable t-shirt designs that are fun, quirky and perfectly unisex. The brand’s aim is to create clothing that is not only loved by mamas, but clothing children will love and pick to wear every time. The designs are made with children in mind and allow them to match their personality with their clothing.

“Our names are Mia and Kyle, and we are small business owners specialising in unique T-shirt and sweatshirt designs for children, hand printed in our home in the UK. We are widely known for our fun and quirky prints that are unlike any others, that mainly includes fun characters, including our children’s favourite foods. This makes our garments loved by not only adults who love trendy kids clothes, but also children. Our brand is inspired by our 2 children Oscar (Oz) and Arabella (Bell) who love to be involved whilst we work from home . Including their input in designs. Our mission is to be able to provide fun clothing loved by all, and clothing that can showcase different personalities for all individuals.”

Oz and Bell strive to be an inclusive brand so a lot of their prints are unisex and can be loved by many. Including their very popular “I love You In Every language” sign language t-shirt.

“Sign language holds a tight spot in out hearts and we want to be able to include designs that are also sentimental and hold value as well as fun, and we are not afraid to share our inspiration, experiences and our story so we are able to connect with our customers.

I think our family brand should be considered to take part in the Absolutely Mama Awards for the passion we share with hundreds of our happy customers in providing comfortable, stylish and unique children’s clothing, and our passion and determination only grows. We only hope we can continue to expand and improve in every aspect and we thank you for taking out time to read about us.”