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Absolutely Mama Awards 2024


Nominated for: Best children's fashion brand


ZIG+STAR is the innovative, unisex kids footwear brand shaking up the market by using sustainable design and circular solutions to reduce waste, while encouraging parents to consume more consciously and reduce their environmental impact…. and have their kids looking on point at the same time! 

ZIG+STAR was created in the way all best brands are… by solving a problem. Ali McAleavy, a footwear expert and mother of 3, recognised the issue of waste that comes from growing children. Between ages 3-6 years, children’s feet grow half a size every 3-4 months, and shoes are outgrown before they’re outworn. And once they can no longer been worn, what next? Notoriously hard to recycle, parents have a growing pile of unworn shoes in their house and over 22 billion pairs of shoes end in landfill every year. 

ZIG+STAR was created to tackle this problem by creating beautifully made, podiatrist approved shoes that would not only withstand the tough rigours of active children, but also grow around their feet, last longer and reduce consumption for consciously consuming parents. 

“In consultation with a paediatric podiatrist we developed our collection around the development of growing feet. We created our unique “Good-To-Grow” sustainable design concept, allowing maximum adjustment, allowing shoes to lasting longer while reducing consumption. Our Autumn styles have a removable midsole adding half a size of growth. For Summer, our adjustable sandals adapt to a child’s growing foot. And when you are done, send them back free of charge, receive a gift voucher as a thank-you, and we will donate or recycle them to prevent any from ending up in landfill. 

We are consciously unisex and believe children should not be pigeonholed by gender or choices in life restricted, reflected in both our design ethos and inclusive campaigns. Plus we believe choosing unisex helps with passing products on to brothers, sisters and friends. Together, we can give growing feet a smaller footprint.”