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Best baby skin range/product: Weleda’s Calendula B...

Best baby skin range/product: Weleda’s Calendula Baby range


Weleda is the original green beauty brand. Sustainability is and always has been at the heart of the business, it has been in Weleda’s DNA for over 100 years – nature, planet and people were the inspiration behind the company being founded in 1921, when Weleda first began as a pharmacy with an organic medicinal garden to grow its own ingredients biodynamically to ensure the very best quality and purity.

Weleda has demonstrated a Century’s commitment to sustainable business practices, social responsibility and conservation of biodiversity. Weleda would not be Weleda without sustainability at its core: it is written into the very Articles of Association for the business: ‘The Company shall have a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole through its business and operations’.

The B Corp beauty brand’s entire range is certified free from plastic microbeads or liquid polymers. All raw material supply chains are certified by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade, which verifies that biodiversity is conserved, ingredients are sourced sustainably, and that all partners along the supply chain are treated equitably and paid fairly. Weleda’s first baby skincare product was introduced in 1959 and today Weleda manufactures the largest certified natural baby range in the UK, which is recommended by midwives.

Weleda Calendula All Purpose Balm

The tiny tin with big benefits, this neat little pot contains a soothing baby balm with a multitude of uses – to intensively nourish or protect any dry patches, chapped skin or dry lips. This handy little product is ideal to pack in a changing bag when out and about. It’s made with nourishing organic sunflower and avocado oils, luxurious cocoa seed butter, protective candelilla and carnauba waxes, infused with skin-caring calendula extract from Weleda’s own Demeter-certified herb gardens. The top-quality, fragrance-free formulation is NATRUE-certified natural and suitable for vegans.

Use it to calm any redness, chafing or dryness – from dribble rash to sore noses. Try it on the upper lip to soothe skin parched or reddened by the constant nose blowing of seasonal sniffles. It’s useful to soothe minor rashes such as grass rash. Apply a little balm around the rim of each nostril as a barrier to help trap dust, pollen or other allergens.

It’s a great travel-friendly moisturiser for use on the go. Use it to provide a protective barrier under children’s face paints. The fragrance-free honey-coloured product has been dermatologically tested for suitability on highly sensitive skin, and proven to respect the skin’s microbiome.

With minimal packaging, the aluminium tin is easily recyclable, and the outer cardboard sleeve is FSC cardboard made from at least 85% recycled fibres.

Original natural babycare brand Weleda introduced its first baby-specific skincare product in 1959 and Weleda’s Calendula Baby range has, over the generations, grown to a comprehensive range of 11 products, all developed with experienced health professionals and pharmacists. The range, which is recommended by midwives, is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility, and suitable for sensitive newborn skin.

The soothing, calendula-rich products provide comfort, protection and support to delicate skin, promoting healthy development. Weleda’s NATRUE-certified natural or organic formulations are made with the kindest natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients including organic calendula grown in Weleda’s own medicinal gardens, together nourishing oils and waxes ethically sourced from long-term fair trade farming partnerships.

The brand’s environmental credentials ensure that the products are as eco-friendly as they are skin-friendly – all supply chains are certified by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade, to ensure both people and planet are protected.



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