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best brand: Stokke®


Stokke was founded on the west coast of Norway in 1932. Once a family-owned company, the company has been owned since 2014 by NXMH, a Belgium-based investment company wholly owned by South Korea’s NXC. In addition to its head office in Ålesund, Norway, it has offices in Europe, the USA, Korea, China and Japan.

Stokke’s ethos is epitomized by its Tripp Trapp chair, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. Created by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the iconic chair launched in 1972 did something completely new it gave children an ergonomic seat of their own and made it possible for children to comfortably join their family at the table for connection and bonding.

Today, Stokke is selling more Tripp Trapp chairs than ever before and has sold more than 12 million worldwide. Since 2006, Stokke’s focus has been purely on the premium children’s markets with products that share a common purpose: to encourage child development and to nurture family bonding. Stokke’s mantra is that closeness fosters connection – it believes that children need this sense of connection to feel safe and loved, encouraging them to become self-reliant and confident learners in life. Caring for children also means caring for the planet. So, it strives towards sustainable solutions – high-quality, durable materials, together with timeless design, ensure longevity to all our products.

At the core of Stokke’s beloved products is research and development, and with that, the collection introduces a new mattress with multiple layers of premium 3D mesh and a core made with Sorona® Bicomponent Stretch fibre for increased firmness and breathability.

This ventilation and air flow contribute to a safe and sound sleep, all while comfortably enclosing your child in a nest-like environment which is snug and secure.

Stokke offers a full range of high-quality furniture, textiles and accessories to create your dream nursery. Our collection employs innovative Scandinavian design that grows with the child and is made for longevity. We know what it’s like to want to stop time and freeze some moments to last forever. Rest assured, there’ll be a crib ready for each one of these occasions, because Stokke® Sleepi™ grows too! Truly versatile & beautiful, the Stokke® Sleepi™ Concept features clean Scandinavian design, and combines quality, durability and breathability. The result – classic pieces of furniture that work in a variety of interiors that will last for years. Your baby’s crib is the heart of your nursery. It should be beautiful, functional and above all, safe and soothing for your little one.

With Stokke’s experience and commitment to building long-lasting products with the mantra – closeness fosters connection at heart this crib allows your little one to be close to you, yet boosts children’s freedom and independence as they give into their developing curiosity.