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Best compact stroller: BABYZEN YOYO2

Best compact stroller: BABYZEN YOYO2


The BABYZEN story started in Paris, when founder Julien Chaudeurge was expecting his first child and needed to buy his first ever stroller.
Right after the compromising phase (comfort vs design, design vs price, and price vs quality) came the disillusions: going shopping, taking the metro, escaping for the weekend… the stroller that was supposed to make life easier made life hell.

It was suddenly obvious that urban parents were not fully considered in the baby world. Because Julien was convinced that happy parents make a happy baby, he began thinking about a new stroller that would be adaptable to urban needs. He immediately started brainstorming and commenced a partnership with his father, a designer specializing in toys and childcare.

In 2012, after two extensive years of work and five patents registered, BABYZEN released YOYO, the first evolutionary ultra-compact stroller where every detail is meticulously considered to anticipate the needs of today’s urban parents.

Babyzen YOYO2

As light as its design is cool, YOYO2 can be manoeuvred with one hand, it folds and unfolds very quickly, it can be carried over the shoulder, it is easy to store and fits in the overhead compartment on the plane*. The YOYO2 has a reinforced frame, certified for up to 22 kg / 48.5 lbs and has been designed with optimized suspensions: made of Hytrel® elastomer, which allow for a better bounce and provide YOYO with unparalleled flexibility and cushioning. The stroller hugs all ground conditions, designed to offer more comfortable strolls, gentle and relaxing naps.

It features a new premium handlebar in faux leather, more resistant, more hygienic, with greater security, thanks to the tether strap. Additionally, the stroller has a new universal buckle with a new design, decorated with YBoy – the house icon – more pleasant to the touch and easier to handle. It offers a flexible, softer harness strap for greater comfort and a new tool-free reversible backrest, using a more ergonomic button, further making it easier to handle. The YOYO2 truly is THE compact stroller on the market, built with keeping parent’s needs in mind.

BABYZEN began with one mission in mind – to make parent’s lives easier. Especially if parents live in urban areas with limited spaces in all aspects of life, whether that is commuting, travelling, going shopping, or having a smaller flat in the city.

Growing a family comes with its challenges, and the stroller market that was meant to ease some of these challenges made things bulky, hard to manoeuvre and often extremely difficult to carry. BABYZEN is here to challenge these norms, a good quality, sturdy stroller need not be bulky, heavy or boring. BABYZEN talk to the ‘new generation’ of parents.

Those who are always on the go are prioritizing more than ever their child’s needs, without putting limitations on their own lives. By imagining and creating products that match the aspirations and compromise-free routines of these enlightened consumers. Our products have great design, they are functional, customizable with 9 colour options and of high quality. Its light, foldable, easy to manoeuvre and with its sturdy shoulder strap can go with you wherever you go making it a truly compact stroller. With BABYZEN, you never have to worry about where or how you can have your child experience life with you.


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