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Best influencer of the year: Carmen Fitness

Best influencer of the year: Carmen Fitness

Fit Mama Marie Carmen Fitness

I have been passionate about sports since I was a child. I practiced tennis until the age of 17. I started fitness 12 years ago. At that time there was no accredited course in Romania, so I started taking online courses abroad, for myself, because this field simply fascinated me!

A good trainer must also be a very good psychologist. These things go hand in hand. However, to achieve the desired body transformation, we must not forget the main ingredient: nutrition. If you manage to combine these three elements, it means you have the whole “package”!

Experience matters most. I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years. Various physiological typologies with different expectations and activity levels. I work both with people who are relatively ok in terms of weight, but looking to improve their physical appearance, to tone their muscles, and with overweight people who want to lose extra pounds.

A balanced diet is 80% of the work!