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Best interiors/nursery product: Organic cotton bla...

Best interiors/nursery product: Organic cotton blackout blinds by Pure Earth Collection


Organic cotton blackout blinds: These blinds are 100% organic cotton with no nasty chemicals. Traditional travel blackout blinds are made from PVC, which leaches toxins into the air, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. We wanted to create something parents could use to keep their baby’s room nice and dark without compromising on air quality. Our blinds have adjustable suction cups, so they fit most windows and doors. They come in an organic cotton travel bag. They’ve been hugely popular since we launched them a few months ago, and we’ve had multiple incoming collaboration requests from major celebrities and influencers (some with over 1.4m followers) who have asked us if they could help promote them – resulting in multiple sellouts!

Because we’re a brand who really cares. We care about our customers, we care about the safety and long term health of babies and we care about our planet. We do what’s right, instead of what’s easy. And being eco is definitely not the easy option! We don’t take shortcuts or keep customers in the dark – we’re honest, open and dependable.