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Best new skincare product for mums: R.N.A Radical ...

Best new skincare product for mums: R.N.A Radical Anti-Ageing & Lifting Duo Moisturiser by Avant Skincare


Avant are committed to always being one step ahead. We work with some of the best scientists and pharmacists around the world to find delicate and rare ingredients to nourish, restore and reinforce the structure and function of your skin. Fully embracing skincare-to-share™, we have developed a wide range of products that are designed to be effective for everyone. The brand marks a tipping point in the skincare industry where neither product nor brand is bound to gender, skin colour or ethnicity, but simply to what the skin needs.

Avant Skincare product sheet

R.N.A Radical Anti-Ageing & Lifting Duo Moisturiser One of the most radical ways to combat ageing, this day and night formula works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion. This Duo Moisturiser combines signature ingredients including the revolutionary R.N.A and Glycolic Acid, among many more.

As skincare professionals, we were able to identify that customers desired a combination of both approaches to skincare. We sought the expertise of dermatologists and skincare insiders in order to develop our first skincare line, Bio Activ+ and have continued this approach when developing our extensive range. The focus was on creating non-invasive products that can be used at home but will still deliver visible results.