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Best new skincare product for mums: Secret Saviou...

Best new skincare product for mums: Secret Saviours – the solution to pregnancy stretch marks


Pregnancy and stretch marks go together; and although expected and something you can be proud of as your body changes and grows a new life, most of us would rather our skin remained undamaged.

Secret Saviours is simply the best insurance against pregnancy stretch marks. The unique clinically proven system works completely differently to any other, with 82% of users getting no stretch marks at all. Although a harmless mark of an incredible journey, stretch marks are essentially irreparably damaged skin and can affect new mothers’ confidence at a very vulnerable time in their life. In pregnancy, hormones cause collagen bundles to separate, making the skin more susceptible to tears as it stretches. These tears form permanent scars, known as stretch marks. As well aspreventing stretch marks the Secret Saviours 3-step system is a dream to use, the natural and beautifully scented cream and gel are packed with collagen-boosting Centella Asiatica and a  joy to rub on your bump, and the Secret Saviours underwear provides reassuring support as your little one grows. The packaging is all sustainably made and comes in a perfect gift box – ideal for pregnant friends and loved ones too.

Independent research has proven that creams and gels alone don’t work, they may feel comforting and are a lovely way to bond with your unborn child, but the science shows that they do not reach the middle layer of skin known as the dermis, to prevent stretch marks occurring. These findings have been independently verified and endorsed by medical experts including the American Academy of Dermatology and a group of top dermatologists lead by London based Dr Sunhil Chopra.

Central to Secret Saviours success are the clever pads printed into the bump band or full-briefs. These disperse the pressure on skin as it stretches and block the path of stretch marks as they try to tear downwards.

The system:

  1. Apply Day Gel
  2. Rub all over your bump so the pads on the Bump Band or Full-Briefs can grip your skin.

2. Pull up over your bump
Wear the Bump Band or Full-Briefs with the raised pads against your skin.

3. Massage Night Cream
Remove the Bump Band or Full-Briefs and massage in to nourish your skin.

As well as the beauty and health benefits  mothers to be will enjoy the holistic experience that is Secret Saviours treatment and be one of the 82% of users to keep the same supple undamaged skin they enjoyed before pregnancy. For more information, images and samples please contact Nikki Fox in the Secret Saviours Press Office: [email protected] 07964816804.