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Best Toy: Sheni and Teni

Hero Sheni & Teni

Best Toy: Sheni and Teni

Sheni and Teni was created to educate children about and celebrate African cultures. Our mission is to help raise well-rounded, knowledgeable and considerate children, and we’ve done so through our multipack puzzle sets in a number of ways:

By providing representation, of which there can never be enough of today. We believe it is important for kids to see themselves in the toys they play with, books they read and media they consume as this lets them know they are valuable, important and their stories are being told. So we speak to an under-represented, often marginalised but no less important segment of society.

By providing education during playtime – the best way children learn. We make cultural education accessible to anyone and everyone regardless of background and ethnicity. We believe this helps stir up conversations on diversity and inclusion in a child friendly and age appropriate way. This is so important, as the earlier these conversations and awareness happens, the better society will be for it.

By providing opportunities for grown up to celebrate and bond with child as they complete the challenge of finishing each set within the pack.

Our puzzles have been featured in the Metro (as an anti-racism resource for parents to share with kids), The Strategist UK (Top 50 Black Businesses to Support, Expert’s guide to keeping kids entertained indoors, 34 Best Gifts for 4-year olds) and Junior Magazine (Black Owned Businesses for Children You’ll Love).

Delve into the world of Baba and Mama Femi, Emeka and Chioma, and Fatima and Musa and explore what they’re up to, what they’re wearing and what they like to eat, by reading the short stories included, which use words from the relevant local language to describe the images.

Featuring 3 puzzles sets of varying difficulties, our puzzles ‘grow’ with your child and serve the needs of more than one child both at home and in a learning environment, making each box multifunctional.