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Best Toy: Sheni and Teni

Hero Sheni & Teni

Best Toy: Sheni and Teni

Have you ever wanted to be able to open up conversations on diversity, culture, and heritage with your little ones?

Have you ever wanted to introduce a new culture (or your culture) to your children in a fun and engaging way?

Do you want to find ways to bond with your Littles and watch them excel in completing a task or challenge?

Then this is for you!

Find out about the 3 main cultures in Nigeria – Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. What are Chioma and Emeka up to? What are Baba and Mama Femi wearing? Where is Fatima going?

Sheni & Teni’s multi pack puzzle sets come with short stories describing each image represented, using words from the appropriate local language. These are great conversation starters – introducing the concepts of diversity, different cultures / heritage, and celebrating these differences to children. They could also be used to reinforce information already known to them.

We encourage you to read the stories aloud and even allow your Littles to imagine their own stories.

The Nigeria puzzle set is now made out of wood for increased durability and longevity.

Price = £10.99

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