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Blush Is The New Black

Blush Is The New Black

GET THE LOOK: Mixing minimal monochromes with a touch of pink

by Helen Baron

It’s pink, but not as you know it. Absolutely Mama puts a modern twist on a classic nursery colour.

Blush Is The New Black

Puppy Magis

This simple, shapely puppy is sure to inject a bit of structure and fun to your nursery. The dalmatian version pictured here keeps things light while adding a darker accent thanks to his black spots. And if your little one tries to clamber on top of it, don’t fret: it’s designed to be used as a chair.


Blush Is The New Black

Hanging Cradle


Plaster pink can be beautifully brought to life by darker hues. This hanging cradle by Dutch boutique Little Hedonist is crafted from wool-cotton and bamboo and is available in a deep, calming grey. It will gently swing your newborn to sleep – and looks great with just a sheepskin for a mattress.


Peach Wool Unicorn

This beautiful and elegant wool unicorn’s head, made by Dutch studio Fabels Out of Vintage, does exactly as its talented designer, Lauri, intends – evoking the spirit of traditional tales while catering to minimal design mores.


Blush Is The New Black

Cloud Cushion

A cute way to add a little character and comfort to your baby’s crib, Donna Wilson offers a range of beautifully handmade and illustrative cushions in lambswool. This simpler design takes things back to basics and comes in blue, grey and pink.



Blush Is The New Black

Graphic Prints 

We’ve long admired the graphic, monochrome prints of Belgian illustrator and stylist Coco Lapine (aka Sarah). Her Kētos (Ancient Greek for whale) and Mountain ABC designs are sophisticated alternatives to more childish variations you might see elsewhere.

€42.50 each;



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