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Books We Love: Just In Time For Halloween

Books We Love: Just In Time For Halloween

Discover wild, weird and fantastically spooky tales just in time for Halloween. From pop-ups to sticker-books, have a look at our favourites.

Little Red Riding Hood

By Migy Blanco

Little Red Riding Hood returns in an interactive story where littles can make choices for her. Apart from her iconic red cape, what else did she like to wear? Which path should she take through the enchanted forest? These are just some of the questions that make for an engaging storytime.


Stickyscapes at the museum

Illustrations by Laura Junger

During the day, the eclectic scenes in this beautifully illustrated fold-out book show a busy museum, complete with dinosaurs and bored security guards. At night it’s a different story, as the museum and its contents spring into life…


The cook and the king

By Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by David Roberts

From award-winning author Julia Donaldson comes the story of a very hungry king who desperately needs a cook. Unfortunately, the one he finds is scared of everything… Can they get along?


Into the jungle

By Katherine Rundell

This stunning new book follows the stories of the much-loved characters from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. Find out about Mother Wolf before she had cubs and Bagheera, who spent much of his life in a cage.


Anthology of Intriguing animals

By Ben Hoare

The cover alone on this beautiful volume is enough to want it on your shelf. But open it up and inside is yet more special. With colourful pictures and fascinating facts, delve into the intriguing world of animals, from snow leopards to sea slugs…


Midnight Monsters

By Helen Friel

Just in time for Halloween, travel through Helen Friel’s intricate papercafted scenes to find the hidden monsters. Werewolves and Krampus are some of the spooky creatures you can expect to find hiding away.


The King who banned the dark

By Emily Haworth-Booth

Award-winning author-illustrator Emily Haworth-Booth creates a charming modern fable about a prince who is scared of the dark. When the prince becomes king, he bans darkness – but with what consquences?