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An all-through education at Broomwood Hall and Nor...

An all-through education at Broomwood Hall and Northcote Lodge


With the New Year comes a new school term and the opportunity to set new goals and intentions for the year ahead.  Naturally, every parent wants his or her child to succeed academically, but schooling should offer more. A Northwood Schools’ education will prepare your child for life. Here’s what you need to know.

Broomwood Hall Lower School is the first stage in an educational journey within Northwood Schools – the family-owned, family of schools which further includes Broomwood Hall Upper School and Northcote Lodge. Together they offer an excellent education for boys and girls from 4-13. With their committed family ethos, beautiful buildings, wonderful surroundings, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, the schools are academically strong and underpinned by traditional values, yet have a modern and innovative outlook. They understand that children develop at different times and in their own individual ways. Given the right support and encouraging opportunities, each child can flourish and shine in an area that suits them; be that music, sport, art, drama or extended academic work. In this way, pupils get an understanding of the value of success that comes from their own efforts, and as such, grow in confidence.


Broomwood’s Learning Powers

Children begin their Northwood education at Broomwood Hall Lower School whose ideology is centred around offering a bespoke education that enables a child to develop at the pace that’s right for them. The school focuses on developing essential learning skills and has developed a curriculum that gives children the tools to understand how to learn effectively. Broomwood’s five Learning Powers – Confidence, Independence, Curiosity, Resilience and Communication – hone in on fundamental skills that underpin and support learning development. These skills are embedded into school life and feature heavily in Broomwood’s reward system, assemblies and events, teacher marking and feedback as well as pupil target setting. Each half term the school focuses on one of these learning powers and aims to encourage pupils to approach learning with a positive mindset and equip them with essential skills that will set them up for life. As such, pupils enjoy and are excited about their schooling.

Prepare Them for Life

Everything at Broomwood Hall and Northcote Lodge is centred around looking at the bigger picture, not just the next school. Good manners, confidence and resilience as well as excellent results are testament to this approach and children move on to some of the UK’s leading senior schools – both day and boarding.

By joining the co-educational Broomwood Hall Lower School in reception, boys and girls have automatic entry into either Broomwood Hall Upper School (girls) or Northcote Lodge (boys) at the age of 8, where they can stay until the age of 11 or 13 before leaving for their senior schools – either day or boarding If this sounds like the kind of education you’d like for your child, there’s no better time to register your interest. Understandably, Reception places are highly sought-after and as such, the school offers a random ballot to offer every child an equal opportunity for admission. The last date for registration is 31 March 2019 for an April ballot that selects pupils for a September 2020 start.

For more details of any of the Northwood Schools’ admissions process and for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, please visit