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‘Can’t live without’ parenting product: Owlet Smart Sock Plus

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Owlet Baby Care, Inc. was founded by a team of parents in 2012. Owlet’s mission is to empower parents with the right information at the right time, to give them more peace of mind and help them find more joy in the journey of parenting. Owlet’s digital parenting platform aims to give parents real-time data and insights to help parents feel more calm and confident. Owlet believes that every parent deserves peace of mind and the opportunity to feel their well-rested best. Owlet also believes that every child deserves to live a long, happy, and healthy life, and is working to develop products to help facilitate that belief.

The new Owlet Smart Sock Plus now allows parents to trackr their baby’s oxygen level and heart rate from birth up to the age of 5 years old. It remains the best and most innovative indication of a baby’s health while they’re asleep, giving parents the ultimate peace of mind. Owlet Smart Sock Plus notifiesparents via the app if their baby’s readings leave preset zones, meaning they always know when their baby needs them. The sleep history feature provides parents with an insight into how long and how well their baby sleeps each night — this data can then be used to create new routines as their baby grows! What’s more, there is no need to worry about your battery life. Enhanced wireless charging now means you can charge the Smart Sock Plus in just 90 minutes, with a battery life of 16 hours. And for parents who are pushed for time, there’s also the option of a 30-minute quick charge for 8 hours of battery life.

Owlet ultimately empowers parents through knowledge of their infant’s sleep patterns and behaviour inside and out – and now, with Smart Sock Plus, parents can remain in-the-know as their baby develops. There’s no need to worry about their baby’s well-being when they can see for themselves exactly how they’re getting on. Don’t just take our word for it, our wonderful customers are constantly sharing their stories with us. Take this one from a user of our standard Smart Sock: “In the Owlet App, the history showed that his oxygen levels had slowly gone down over time and without the Owlet Smart Sock to notify me, I’m not sure he would have moved or woken up on his own. I’m forever grateful to Owlet for everything it has done for my family and will continue to use the Smart Sock until he outgrows it!” Parents can do more, relax more and sleep more with help from Owlet!