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Can’t live without’ parenting product: Ribbed Clever Zip Sleepsuit by MORI


For us, making parenting simpler always comes first which is why we created our Ribbed Clever Zip Sleepsuit, an update on our bestselling original zip-up sleepsuit. Our Ribbed Clever Zip Sleepsuit is crafted in the softest organic fabric with a gentle stretch. It’s designed with a concealed two way zip front to make those night-time changes simpler. The Ribbed Clever Zip Sleepsuit is made from Bamboo from Viscose and Organic Cotton which is breathable and thermoregulating to help keep your baby or toddler at the perfect temperature all night. Why we chose organic cotton At MORI, we want to be kind to the world we live in & make our clothes with love. Not only is it softer than regular cotton, but organic cotton is also grown using methods that have a low environmental impact, without harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers.

The farmers, millers, cutters & makers we use to source it are all treated & paid fairly, working in safe conditions so they can support their families & communities. Why we use bamboo from viscose Using closed-loop processes for our viscose, whereby no chemicals enter the waste stream, and sourcing from sustainable raw materials, our fabric is much less harmful to the planet than conventionally produced cotton or oil-based synthetics like polyester.

At MORI we pride ourselves on our sustainable values and innovative approaches.We wanted to ensure our clothing is kind to the planet & created using methods that are fair to those who make it. Therefore, we use a blend of natural fabrics that are durable with no harmful chemicals added. We also ensure to use trusted factories to make our products to ensure fair & safe working conditions. The environmental footprint of our signature fabric is also reduced by our use of viscose in the blend, which increases the durability of the fabric & therefore the life-time of our garments. While many clothing brands, especially those in the activewear industry, use additional chemicals to stabilise their bamboo-based fabrics, MORI has developed its signature fabric without additional chemicals added.