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‘Can’t live without’ parenting p...

‘Can’t live without’ parenting product: Etta Loves sensory muslins


Etta Loves specialise in scientifically sensory baby essentials with a collection that includes muslins, playmats, sensory strips and more. Etta Loves invest in science to support babies at early developmental stages, with the brand mission of design led by science. Their resident NHS Orthoptist, Laura, inputs into the design brief to ensure every scale, pattern and colour support babies’ visual and cognitive development. Laura explains, “The patterns will look different to babies from week to week as their vision develops, this is the magic of Etta Loves and what makes us totally unique.”

Etta Loves sensory muslins are made from 100% organic cotton and are designed to the millimeter to support babies cognitive and visual development between birth and babies’ first birthday, with the range split between newborn – 4 months and 5 months to a year.

The ultimate multi-tasker, Etta Loves muslins make many every-day moments easier by mesmerising tiny eyes, whilst also give parents and carers a precious moment of calm whilst babies stare contently. 

Etta Loves muslins are available in packs of 2 (RRP £28.00), packs of 3 (RRP £27.00) and an XL option (RRP £22.00).