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Eat Green: Mindful Food Shopping

Eat Green: Mindful Food Shopping


Sustainability is a hot topic for 2018. Learn how to incorporate it into your routine with Mama’s guide to mindful food shopping

Words Joy Montgomery

Shop Seasonally

Eating seasonally is an easy way to make your weekly shop more sustainable. Firstly, it reduces the energy needed to grow and transport crops, which lowers the associated CO2 emissions. Secondly, seasonal food is fresher and tends to be more nutritious and flavoursome, so it’s a win-win situation.

Plan Your Meals

Food waste is something we are all guilty of, but it can be a hard habit to shift. Putting a bit of forethought into your meals will help you to create a more concise shopping list and in turn allow you to shop more efficiently and reduce the amount you throw in the bin. Plus, meal planning will also save you money (no more overprices packaged sandwiches).


Go Packaging-Free

Supermarkets love wrapping their produce in copious layers of plastic packaging. Instead, try choosing loose vegetables over ones that are individually cellophane-wrapped. Some stores, such as Planet Organic, also offer refillable produce, which lets you bring your own containers and restock cupboard staples without adding to the plastic pile. It’ll also look more attractive on your shelf.

Try Meat-Free Monday

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the livestock sector is one of the top two or three most significant contributors to environmental problems at every scale, from local to global. Scary stuff. Meat-Free Mondays is an initiative set up by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney to raise awareness of the environmental and health benefits of having at least one meat-free day each week. It’s asmall change with a big impact.

Be Car Conscious

It may sound obvious, but ditching the car for the weekly food shop is a great way to boost your green points. If walking isn’t an option, try carpooling with friends or combining your shopping trip with other activities that require a car.


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