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Raising environmentally-aware children

Raising environmentally-aware children

environmentally-aware children

A new generation of parents are recognising the importance of getting kids interested in taking care of the planet from the get-go. The key? Making green living a way of family life. Little ones model their behaviour on what they see their parents do, so it can make a big impact if you explain the reasons why you recycle or use a canvas shopper instead of a plastic one. Frugi‘s Head Designer Jeni shares some easy ways to help raise environmentally-aware children…

Teach a respect for nature and the outdoors

Nurturing a respect for our planet starts with an appreciation of the great outdoors. If you have a garden, section off a little area where your little ones can plant seeds and give them the responsibility of watering it and tending to it. Trips to woodlands, parks, and coastlines where minis can observe animals in their natural habitats can make a lasting impression too. Explain why it’s so important for us to protect wildlife and what we can do. Organising an activity such as picking up rubbish together on the beach can be a great springboard for big discussions about looking after the environment.

Choose green alternatives together

Opt for eco-friendly products where you can and explain why they are better choices to your little ones. For example, instead of packing their lunch in tin foil or cling film, try a reusable food wrap. Explain how wooden toys will eventually biodegrade, but plastic ones will not. And when you pick out clothes together, look for brands that follow sustainable practices. Children grow out of their clothes very quickly, so the fashion industry for little ones can be quite polluting. Brands such as Frugi use organic cotton and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Frugi also has a strict code of conduct for the suppliers they work with, so you can be sure that the people who make their clothes have been treated fairly.

Get kids involved in eco practices at home

There are lots of green changes we can make in our homes and it’s important to explain to little ones we are making them. Make it into a fun activity by finding out some interesting facts together about saving energy and then thinking up some ways that you could put these into action in your day-to-day routine. What about turning off the tap when they brush their teeth, making sure they turn out the lights when they leave a room, or running a shallower bath before bedtime? Get them involved in sorting out the recycling too – rinsing out the containers and putting everything into the correct bins. Starting them off early with these things sets them up to make greener choices throughout their lives.

Walk, scoot, or ride

If your little one can walk, scoot or ride a bike to school or to a friend’s house, encourage them. Find out why car emissions are so bad for the environment together and make a plan for what you can do to cut down on unnecessary trips. For example, what about organising a walking bus to school with friends who live nearby? Minimising time in the car is not only better for the planet, but also better for their health and can be fun too.

Pass it on

Ask your little ones to gather up the toys they don’t play with anymore, the clothes they have grown out of and the books they don’t read. One option is to choose a local children’s charity together to donate these to and get your minis involved in dropping everything off so they can see the important work that they do. However, donating to your local charity shop isn’t always the answer as they are often so overwhelmed that they are being forced into the role of unofficial waste management. This is where choosing items that are made to last comes in. If we make smarter choices with the items we buy, they will last longer and we can pass them down to younger siblings, cousins or friends. Clothing brands such as Frugi focus on quality and have great advice on how to care for your items, such as washing on a gentler cycle and using non biological eco detergent. Make sure you explain to your little ones why it’s so important to look after your clothes and belongings, and nurture a sense of pride in passing things on.

Frugi's commitment to raising environmentally-aware children

Jeni’s journey as a mother has deepened her appreciation for good quality, practical, and engaging children’s clothing that is committed to safeguarding the planet during every step of the process. Each season Jeni and her design team explore a new part of the world to find inspiration for the new Frugi ranges, such as the highland and islands of Scotland for their new Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.  With the natural world as a backdrop, Frugi clothes are instantly recognisable by their bright, vibrant colours and playful characters. Clever features such as reversibility, adjustability and interactive details make their clothes as fun as they are comfortable and practical.

Explore our customer’s favourites below…

1. Sofia skater dress – Frugi’s best-selling dress is perfect for little dancers with a full circular skirt for maximum twirling. This long-sleeve version is ideal for cooler months and is made from 95% GOTS certified organic cotton jersey. Comes in four new prints for girls 0 through 10 years.

2. Discovery Applique Top – A super soft and cosy long-sleeve top with a cute unisex applique on the front of man’s best friend. Layer over jeans, joggers or trousers for a ready-for-anything outfit. With popper fastenings to the side for easy dressing for kids 2-10 years.

3.Busy Bee Baby Gift Set – A super soft organic cotton set for newborns up through 12 months that is presented in a handy drawstring organic cotton bag. Contains a long-sleeved babygrow with double layered cosy feet and fold-back scratch mitts on the cuffs to help prevent any scrapes on little noses.

4. Adventures Back Pack – Prepare your little one for a day of exploring the outdoors with Frugi’s range of back-packs.  With lots of space for all essentials it matches with the Splish Splash Steel Bottle, Pack a Snack Lunch Bag, Swashbuckler Swim Bag, and Crafty Pencil Case. Ideal for school, this bag has a padded back, shoulder straps and adjustable chest strap for extra comfort and two stretchy side pockets for water-bottles.  It takes 7 plastic bottles to make the Adventurers Backpack!

5.Snuggle Fleece – Inspired by the lost words in nature that are disappearing from the dictionary, such as acorn and fern, this warm and cosy snuggle fleece is made from organic cotton interlock and fully lined with organic snuggle fleece.  It has a hand warmer pocket on the front and a high collar making it perfect for mini explorers this chilly season. For children 6 months through 10 years.