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Best Children’s Fashion brand: Mini A Ture

Best Children’s Fashion brand: Mini A Ture

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Best Children's Fashion Brand: Mini A Ture

MINI A TURE is a Danish baby and children’s brand which launched in 2002. This season sees a new direction for the brand, with a focus on eco-conscious and high-performance outerwear and inner layering. For the past few seasons, MINI A TURE has concentrated on furthering their sustainable practices and are proud to announce that they are now fully GOTS-certified.

MINI A TURE has long been commended as a leading brand when it comes to keeping children warm and cosy in all types of weather. Their outerwear range, which balances advanced technical layering with elegant design, now includes thermal clothing, rainwear and trendy technical outerwear for pre-and primary school children. Along with their GOTS certification, one of the key differences this season is their complete transition towards using high performance yet eco-friendly materials, such as recycled nylon, polyester and organic fibres. They have worked hard to achieve the highest level of material quality while minimising impact. MINI A TURE is committed to working with nature, not against it and strives to leave as small a footprint as possible behind.