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Our Favourite October Reads

October Reads

Cozy up with your little one and have a nice read with one of our favourite books this month

Words: Holly Kirkwood

October Reads

Hear Me Roar

Pink Lion

Arnold is a pink lion living happily with his flamingo family, until he meets a pride of more traditional lions, and starts to wonder where he belongs. But he learns a valuable lesson about who he really is when a mean old crocodile turns up to threaten his old family., £11.99

October Reads

Rock solid


Petra is a mighty mountain who can’t be moved by the wind or time. Or so we think, until we discover that she’s actually even more astonishing than that. Petra’s imagination means she can be anything she wants to – an island, an egg, or even an elephant. Not a bad life for a little rock., £9.95

October Reads

Flying high

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

Written by Sunday Times bestselling author Jen Campbell (see p ???) Franklin’s flying bookshop is a magical story about a book-loving dragon who finds a kindrid spirit and embarks upon an adventure. From the words to the illustrations, the whole thing is a joy., £11.95

October Reads

Like an Egyptian


This fabulous lift-the-flap book tells an endearing tale about a little Egyptian girl who has lost her mummy. Little readers can have fun looking all over the place for mummy, and perhaps finding some unexpected relics along the way! Part of a range of books with the British Museum for ages 0-12, inspired by the collection., £7.99

October Reads

Saucer of Milk

Oi Cat

The next in the series from Kes Grey and Jim Field is Oi Cat! Following closely in the footsteps of the ever-popular Oi Dog and Oi Frog – which are both fun to read out loud, and beloved of pre-schoolers.  In this next instalment cat doesn’t like sitting on gnats, they keep biting his bottom! Can Frog and Dog help him change the rules?, £12.99


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