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New parents are plagued by self-doubt, says new re...

New parents are plagued by self-doubt, says new research

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Research has revealed that 1-in-3 new parents feel overwhelmed by their new arrival

Words Miriam Carey

As a new mum are you feeling sleep deprived? Have no personal time? Overwhelmed? It is likely you are not alone as new research reveals 1 in 3 new parents feel they were underprepared for their new arrival, while lack of sleep, loss of spare time, and post delivery pain are the number one worries they have to deal with.

Based on the feedback from 1,000 new mums and dads, the survey was carried out in January by The Baby Show in conjunction with

For many new mums and dads, it won’t come as a surprise that night disturbances are a shock to the system – with lack of sleep being the biggest issue for parents of newborns. Physical pain after birth was cited as the second worst problem to deal with, as 41% of new mums claimed that the pain was more severe than expected.

The lack of personal time and isolation were the next concerns new mums talked about; more than half of new parents surveyed said they had stayed in their house for more than three days in a row with the baby, while over a third didn’t manage to get out of their pyjamas during the day.

At a time where information and advice is so readily available, they survey said mums are still in a lot of doubt about how best to be a good parent; 1 in 5 confessed to an irrational fear of hurting their new baby.

Despite these difficulties there is little doubt that it is all worth it, however. Witnessing the growth and development of a baby was found to be the number one best thing about new parenthood. The unconditional love it offers was the second best and seeing a baby smile for the very first time came in third on the rewards side of the equation.

Milli Hill author of The Positive Birth Book explains that having realistic expectations is important, as it talking to other mums and sharing coping tips. Also talk to your partner, and get as much support from you family as possible if you have a new baby – communication is key.

“New parents can be very tough on themselves, worrying if they are getting it ‘right’, but remember, if your baby is safe and loved, you are doing an amazing job. Our babies think we are wonderful – we sometimes need to learn to appreciate ourselves as much as they do!” she commented.

The next Baby Show is at Birmingham NEC this weekend. 

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