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Madeleine Shaw: Girl With the Glow

Madeleine Shaw

Wellness guru Madeleine Shaw has collaborated with Mamas and Papas to design a new fitness wear range. Here she talks healthy living and new motherhood with Mama

Words Morag Turner

Absolutely mama: How has motherhood been for you so far?

Maddie Shaw: It’s been an amazing journey so far. I found the first six weeks quite hard, I think it was such a shock.
I went from working for myself with every aspect under my control to my whole life being out of control. Once I got my head around that I relaxed and really started to enjoy it. Shay is now three months old and I love every minute of it.

Am: How did you stay fit and healthy through out your pregnancy and what are you doing now postnatally?

MS: I mainly did yoga and a weekly weight training session. I had loads of energy in my second trimester but in my first I was throwing up the whole time so I was usually on the couch. During my third trimester I just did yoga and long walks.

Am: Was your pregnancy as you expected it to be? How did you feel about all the changes that your body went through?

MS: I was nervous about morning sickness although I didn’t have it as badly as my mum who threw up every day for nine months. So I was grateful I didn’t get that. I really enjoyed my body changing. I know that it’s not for everyone but I felt so proud being pregnant in public and amazed at what my body was doing.

Am: How was your birth experience?

MS: It was actually great – I had heard of so many horror stories and my doctor had told me that Shay was going to be 10 pounds so  I was a little nervous. But actually it was super magical. My midwife was amazing and he came out in 45 minutes at only seven pounds three ounces. I spent that whole night holding him in my arms, I couldn›t believe I had created this incredible boy.

AM: You went totally offline for two months – what was that like and what did you learn from it?

MS: It was amazing, I had so much more time in the day (before he came into the world) and I was way calmer. It also gave me more ideas of using the platform and gave me a new found love for it when I went back. I think I was just on it too much and so taking some time out helped me to use it in a more mindful way.


AM: How are you balancing work and motherhood?

MS: I am trying to cram as much as I can into two days when I have a wonderful nanny looking after him. Then I do emails etc when he naps in the day.

Am: What is your favourite piece from your Mamas & Papas collection?

MS: The cold shoulder grey jumper I’m wearing now! It’s so cosy and versatile, you can wear it to yoga and then to brunch after.

Am: What advice do you have for other pregnant women and new mums on how to stay well?

MS: Do a big weekly shop and prep. Ask your partner or friend to look after your little one while you whip up a roast chicken and veggies that can be tucked into throughout the week. Buy food that can be easily put together: bircher muesli, almond milk and berries for a delicious brekky, smoked mackerel fillets, avocado and lettuce to make a yummy salad.  Prioritise sleep – I know that Netflix is good, but it’s better to get a nap in.

Am: How is your boyfriend finding fatherhood?

MS: He is amazing, he loves Shay so much and it makes me love him more. I feel like we are such a unit, the three musketeers.

Am: What have you found most challenging since Shay was born? And most rewarding?

MS: Challenging – His reflux at week three. He started pulling off the breast and not feeding, there were lots of tears from both of us – but we came out the other side.  Rewarding: Every time he smiles at me – it’s the best feeling in the world.

Am: What’s next for you and your little family? Any exciting work news to share or are you taking some time out?

MS: I’m just getting back into work, I›m excited about my Mamas & Papas partnership and spending time with my little boy.

Visit Madeleine’s website: Madeleine Shaw


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