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Get the Smile of your Dreams With an Impress Invis...

Get the Smile of your Dreams With an Impress Invisible Aligner

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The mention of braces usually conjures up an image of pre-teen awkwardness and a mouth full of metal. For this reason many adults assume that the window for orthodontic work is firmly closed, however this is far from being the case. The days of brackets and headgear are long gone, and the future of orthodontics is sleek and comfortable. Impress orthodontic clinics specialise in offering modern alternatives to traditional braces, and their invisible aligners may be the way you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

Impress Invisible Aligner

Who are Impress?

Dr. Khaled Kasem originally co-founded Impress orthodontic clinics in 2019 with the intention of revolutionising the orthodontic sector. The company’s unique approach combines health and aesthetics, with the goal of making the orthodontic experience easier and more convenient for everyone.

The orthodontics company takes a highly innovative approach and utilises advances in technology and because of this Impress has gone onto become an industry leader. Impress is now the largest invisible orthodontics chain in Europe, and is also the first and only full-service aligner provider in the EMEA region.

The first Impress clinic was originally opened in Barcelona, and since then the company has spread to major cities throughout Europe and has recently opened two flagship clinics and two partner clinics in the UK.

Working across these clinics is a medical team of dedicated professionals, with more than 15 years of experience. Together they provide unparalleled customer care, attention to detail, and are dedicated to making their patients smile.

An Impress Orthdontics Clinic
Impress Co-Founder Dr. Khaled Kasem

The Most Advanced Orthodontics-

Impress orthodontic clinics invest in the latest technology so they can offer the most advanced orthodontic treatments available. The team at Impress only work with invisible orthodontics, a treatment that is an aesthetic upgrade on traditional braces, but still functions to correct alignment in a similar way. By specialising exclusively in invisible orthodontics, Impress reduces total cost by up to 60% compared to other alternatives available on the market, without compromising the quality of treatment.

There are several different invisible orthodontic options available depending on your needs. Clear braces, also known as transparent braces or invisible braces have become an increasingly popular choice in recent years and are now a viable alternative to traditional braces. If you’re looking to forgo braces altogether, the invisible aligner is a great alternative to clear or traditional braces and is one of the company’s most popular treatments.

3D Scan Technology
Impress Orthodontic's Treatment App

The Benefits of an Impress Aligner-

There are a number of benefits to choosing to use invisible orthodontics, the main one being that a clear aligner allows you to conceal your orthodontic treatment without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. You’ll be able to avoid putting smile on pause, and having to take awkward closed-mouths photos for months. Another benefit is that the Impress aligners are constructed out of innovative materials, including strong acrylics or plastic resins, that are more durable and hygienic. Not to mention the fact that they are removable means you can enjoy meals without restrictions. You’ll also be able to avoid the discomfort or unpleasant wounds and sores that sometimes accompany traditional metal braces.

The Benefits of Invisible Aligners

What to Expect From Your Treatment-

The entire process is highly customisable and the medical team at each Impress clinic will work closely with every patient and design the orthodontic treatment according their unique needs. Each treatment plan is 100% personalised, and can be broken-down into three stages.

The Pre-Treatment Consultation-

You’ll visit one of the Impress clinics for your first consultation, where the orthodontist will make x rays of your mouth using 3D scan technology, to get a total vision of your teeth. They will then be able to design a video simulation of how your smile will look when the treatment is completed, so you’ll be able to see the final results before you’ve even started.

The Treatment Process-

An Impress orthodontist will then put together a treatment kit that will be delivered directly to your home. This kit comprises of a series of clear aligners, that will make a series of mild rotations in your teeth to correct any issues with spacing and alignment. Your dentist will use the Impress dental app to monitor your treatment progress, which means you won’t need to visit the clinic to ask any questions or flag up any unforeseen issues. Just in case you do need to follow up in person, all clinic visits are all included in the price so you can come as many times as you need. These clear aligners are changed every 7 or 14 days depending on the established treatment plan.

Post-Treatment Maintenance-

Once your treatment is complete and you have achieved your perfect smile, the Impress orthodontists will make you two night retainers and help you establish an adapted oral hygiene routine. The total time that this process may take varies between individuals, but around 80% of cases are completed within 6 months or less.

Impress has removed many of the barriers that stop people from fixing the dental issues that may be bothering them, by offering an easily accessible service at an affordable price. If you find yourself unhappy with your teeth, the team at Impress will assess your smile for free. They have a high rate of customer satisfaction and Impress patients leave feeling satisfied, self-confident and of course, smiling. You can find more information about clear aligners on the company website, or to see and to see before and afters, follow their Instagram account

You can make an appointment online, get in touch by phone/WhatsApp on +44 203 808 1072 or send Impress an email at [email protected].