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Instamama: Chloe Thurston


Chloe Thurston – the stylist, blogger and mama-of-five – bares all

You have a great eye for kids design. What changes have you seen in the industry over the years?

I think the introduction of social media apps, such as Instagram, has seriously fuelled the demand for fast fashion for kids. Independent brands can be seen internationally and sell out within minutes – although, now, with more noise developing around sustainable fashion, I think there may be a movement to longer-lasting items that can be used throughout the seasons and passed down to siblings.

How instrumental is Instagram for bloggers and small businesses?

These days it’s essential for small businesses and bloggers to be using Instagram. Society is so fast-paced; parents in particular have so little free time that the easiest way to reach them is by tapping in on the few minutes they have to relax and flick through some pretty photos.

We love your “messy room” pictures, as well as your styled images. Do you think people want to see “real life” shots as much as aspirational ones?

I think people like to see pretty pictures the majority of the time – nothing inspires me more, anyway! They can make you doubt yourself, though. My particular trap is comparing my house to Scandinavian minimalists with no children – so a dose of reality is always welcome. Saying that, I do get a lot of people who say they have panic attacks
just looking at the mess my kids create!

How do you deal with the pressure to keep posting?

I don’t overthink it or I would probably go crazy! I have a routine where I try and get a photo during Huxley’s daytime nap and then post around 8pm, to coincide with the youngest kids having gone to bed. With five kids, though, there are days when I haven’t taken a picture or we are out late, and I just can’t post… but one of the advantages of having that many children is that I am actually too busy to worry about it!

What do you love about blogging?

Meeting like-minded people and being able to chat to other mums all over the world. I love that, if I am working late until 1am or up with a baby, you can bet an online friend somewhere will be up and at it, too. Or you know someone else out there who will completely understand your absolute need for the latest (probably completely non-essential) knitted baby item!

Follow Chloe on Instagram @chloeuberkid or visit her blog.


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